Top 10 tips for designing the best baby room

Are you trying to create the perfect baby room? With so much to think about before your little one’s arrival, setting up the nursery can be overwhelming. Don’t despair because we are here to help. Take a look at our ten tips to make planning the nursery easier. From changing tables to cribs, you can find a wide selection of baby furniture for sale on Junk Mail.

1. Prepare your budget

Before you start decorating your baby’s nursery, it’s helpful to know how much you have to spend. Your budget will guide your purchasing decisions. Once you have assessed your finances, you can focus on buying the essential items first. Quality second-hand baby furniture offers you excellent value for your money.

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2. Changing table

A changing table is a vital element of any baby room. Once you’ve purchased the changing table and decided where to put it, it’s advisable to place everything you need nearby. This includes diapers and wipes as well as a laundry basket. Proper preparation makes changing your baby’s nappy easier and safer.

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3. Adequate storage

Make sure that you have enough storage space to keep the baby room organised and tidy. Shelves and cupboards make it easy to pack things away once you’ve used them. You can also use plastic containers to keep your baby’s room organised. It’s important to avoid clutter when you’re decorating.

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4. Lighting

A night light will add convenience to your baby’s room. It’s helpful to set up the room so that you can imitate nighttime when required. A dark room helps make it easier for you to get your baby to take naps during the day. Make sure that you buy curtains that block out the daylight. While aesthetics are important, you’ll also need to consider functionality when you’re selecting the right curtains for the room.

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5. Choose a theme

Setting up a baby room is easier if you stick to a theme. A theme will guide your choice in furniture and decor. You can use baby mobiles and wall art to enhance the theme you’ve have chosen. Colourful framed prints can add a finishing touch to the decor.

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6. Crib

You’ll need to consider comfort, safety and size when you’re selecting a crib. Mini cribs are a great option if you have limited space. Select a variation that can be folded so you can relocate the crib to your room if required.

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7. Consider safety

The room should be designed with the safety of your baby in mind. Make sure that you invest in good-quality baby furniture that doesn’t pose a hazard for your little one. The crib that you buy should comply with safety regulations to ensure that your baby is protected while they are sleeping. Ensure that there are no hazards in the area surrounding the cot. Heaters and cords can put your baby at risk.

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8. Select a colour scheme

You can use colour to create a tranquil mood in your baby’s nursery. Gentle colours that make you feel relaxed create the perfect atmosphere for you and your newborn to bond. The colour that you choose will guide your selection of baby furniture and decor.

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9. Get creative

Designing the perfect baby room requires creativity. You can personalise the room by selecting baby furniture and colours that you love. Add personal items and gifts from loved ones to welcome your baby into your family. Your favourite storybooks and family photos help to create a loving environment for your baby to thrive in.

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10. Take it slow

Start planning the baby room ahead of time so that you don’t have to rush. Setting up the nursery is an important part of preparing for the new addition to your family. Choosing baby furniture and decor is fun so you don’t want to hurry through this process. With time to plan, you can combine functionality with style to create a welcoming baby room.

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So if you are looking for affordable baby furniture, visit Junk Mail today.

Top 10 tips for designing the best baby room
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Top 10 tips for designing the best baby room
Are you trying to create the perfect baby room? With so much to think about before your little one’s arrival, setting up the nursery can be overwhelming.
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