Different types of quad bikes for sale

There are a wide range of quad bikes available on the market and it is important to review the different options before making a purchase. Two common categories of quad bikes for sale include racing quad bikes and quad bikes which are suitable for all terrains (ATV’s).

Different types of Quad bikes available:


Racing Quad Bikes
Racing quad bikes are usually light and this model is made to endure the harshness of racing. The racing quads for sale are designed to maintain stability while turning corners and traveling at fast speeds. Other features include tyes for different terrains, manual transmission, adjustable suspension, quick acceleration and high powered engines.



ATV’s are typically larger and sturdier than racing quad bikes with additional features such as trailer hitches. ATV’s are also more suitable for longer journeys and rough terrain. This model is able to carry heavier weights and is four-wheel drive. ATV’s are designed to offer comfort and are less suitable for high speeds.



Amphibious ATV’s
Amphibious ATV’s allow riders to travel on or off-road and this model is also suitable for water, swamps and marshes. Sport models have additional features such as passenger seating and protective canopies. This option allows parents to take their children quad biking as a passenger while ensuring their safety.



Quad bikes for children
There are quads for sale which are designed for children and there is less risk of falling over as these bikes have four wheels. Models come in different sizes. It is important that the child’s feet do not reach the ground when they are on the quad bike to ensure that their legs do not get caught in the wheels.

Parents can pick a motor strength that is suitable for their child although the engine should not exceed 50cc. Safety is the most important consideration and some models feature a remote control to enable parents to monitor the speed of the quad bike. Another useful feature is the automatic cut-off switch. When choosing between the quad bikes, pick a model that offers good quality and is in good condition. This reduces the risk of wheel jamming or break downs.

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