Junk Mail strengthens its digital foothold

Official Press Release: 2 March 2015

Junk Mail Classifieds is strengthening its digital foothold in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal with its Cape Town and Durban branches focusing solely on the company’s digital operations from March 2015.

The company, which prides itself on being an early adopter of digital capabilities, having taken its business online in 1997, is ceasing its classified print editions in these two cities to focus exclusively on supporting the growth of its booming digital operation.

Junk Mail has seen an increase in online classified advertising since 2009, and is currently carrying more ads than ever, in its 23 years, all coming from digital,” says Felix Erken, Managing Director and Co-owner of Junk Mail Publishing.

The company’s classified print editions enjoyed a phenomenal run of over twenty years, but its customers’ reliance on print has predictably subsided.

“It’s time for us to evolve with our growing customer base and continue to invest in our digital offering in these regions.

Our digital platforms are strongly positioned and we lead in the niche classified market segments,” he adds.

This position is confirmed by Alexa rankings where the Junk Mail portal is ranked 13th, Job Mail 19th and Automart 47th, based on traffic.

Continued investment in the company’s digital platforms is aimed at driving ease of use as well as cost effective and impactful placement solutions for traders and end users.

“The online classified industry is evolving and just as customers have migrated from print to online, future customer transitions will be from web to mobile,” adds Erken.

Trade advertisers too are reaping the benefits of digital advertising. “Digital is working well for traders and we want to continue to develop a platform that supports their business needs, and delivers value for money advertising solutions,” says Erken.

Junk Mail will however continue its print operation in Gauteng for the foreseeable future.

“Print is still strong in the Gauteng region but we are gaining more digital users every year and our print editions in this region will inevitably cease as the demand from customers subsides,” concludes Erken.

Junk Mail Publishing will print its last edition of Cape Ads and Durban print edition on 12 March 2015.




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