Dingoes and coyotes in South Africa

Dingoes are free-ranging dogs found mostly in Australia and South East Asia. The species is very adaptable, being able to survive in warm, desert areas, grasslands and forests.Jackal

While the Dingo is an apex predator, their livelihood is threatened by humans trying to crossbreed them with dogs and destroying their natural habitat.

While there are many similarities between the dingo and dogs, dingoes are considered a subspecies of the gray wolf instead of being closely related to dogs.

Coyotes, or jackals as they are known in South Africa, are also used to crossbreed with dogs. This has, however, proven that jackal–dog hybrids show a decrease in fertility, significant communication problems, and an increase of genetic disorders after three generations of interbreeding.

For the above reasons, Junk Mail has decided to red-flag any adverts of Dingoes, Coyotes and any hybrids thereof as part of our role in Operation Bite Back.

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