Diwali – The festival of Lights

Deepavali, commonly known as Diwali is the biggest celebration among the Hindu community across South Africa. Deepavali, is the festival of lights to celebrate the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair.


Diwali is usually marked by four days of celebrations. This festival is celebrated over 5 days in India but the main day for Hindu’s across the world to celebrate is on the night of the new moon.

The origin of Diwali is traced back to ancient India as a festival after the summer harvest. Each day of Diwali has its own tale, legend and myth to tell. Every day has a different significance and celebrates a different story.

This is one of the happiest celebrations and is intended to just spread happiness, love and joy to friends and family by delivering yummy treats and sweets. The main day is usually celebrated on the 3rd day from the Beginning of Diwali. The main day is usually when most people distribute sweets and treats to families while others may distribute food and clothes to the needy.


To celebrate the auspicious day, people clean out their homes, set up colorful flowers, powder decorations (Rangoli) and clay lamps lit up inside and outside. People also hang up house lights across their yards. Women of the house prepare yummy treats and sweets that will be distributed to their friends and family.

The morning of the auspicious day, begins with all members of the family partaking in an auspicious prayer. Families then goes out to visit friends and family and distributes the treats. They then begin to light clay lamps around the house before it gets dark.

The celebration is ended with fireworks. The sky dazzles with the colorful fireworks spreading cheer, light, happiness and joy.

Wishing all the Hindus a very happy Diwali.

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