DIY garden ideas and landscaping tips for small areas

If you love to garden, don’t let the size of your outdoor space stop you from planting beautiful flowers. With the right garden ideas you can create an attractive outdoor area in a small space. You can also grow your own food by planting vegetables and herbs. As fresh herbs are expensive, starting your own herb garden is a great way to save money and add flavour to your food. If you are just starting out, you may want to begin by finding grass for sale as well as the right tools. You can sell your equipment and find garden tools for sale on Junk Mail. Here are some gardening ideas to get you started.


Before you start it is advisable to check that you have the right garden tools. Having the equipment that you need lays a good foundation for creating a small garden for your family. Finding a lawn mower for sale is a good idea if you don’t already own one. Keeping your grass short is important as it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the area as well as providing a better space for outdoor activities. If there are trees that need to be removed or trimmed you may need to find a chainsaw for sale. Trees make a great addition to a garden however keeping the trees trimmed can help to offer extra space.


Make the most of your wall space by creating a vertical garden. This is a great idea if you are growing vegetables. Pick vegetables that will grow upwards such as pole beans and peas. You can use poles and trellises to support the plants and train them to grow in this direction. If you want to grow flowers, put them in planter boxes which can be stacked on top of each other to create a vertical garden. Hanging potters is another useful option when you are gardening in small spaces. You can try succession planting which refers to sowing seeds at regular frequency so that your flowers and vegetables will be growing for a longer period of time.


Pick vegetables or flowers that are suited to growing in small areas. You can check the packaging for plants that are labelled as container or dwarf as an indication that they will grow well in your environment. Fruit trees are even available in dwarf varieties that can be grown in a container. Picking the right type of plants to suit your particular garden is also crucial. Assess both the space and amount of sunlight your garden gets before you choose plants. Tomatoes and peppers need long hours of sunshine to grow while lettuce thrives with some shade. Similarly the flowers that you choose will depend on the amount of sunshine that is available. It is also advisable to check which season is best suited to the plants that you plan to grow.


Food and water is an essential requirement for plants. This is a particularly important consideration if you are growing plants in pots or in shallow soil. This growing environment does not retain as much water as deeper ground. Use organic compost or fertiliser to make sure that your garden has all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Watering is also important as either too little or too much water can hamper the growth of your plants. Test the soil to check that it is moist. If it is dry you, will need to give your plants more water, but also be wary of over watering.


Take a look at some of the bargain garden tools that are currently listed on Junk Mail. If you have a small garden, you may not want to spend large amounts on equipment so buying second hand is a great option. Lawn mowers are a vital piece of equipment that every gardener needs.

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Now that you have some ideas you can get started on your garden. Although gardening in a small space may seem limiting, there are plenty of ways to maximise the space. Gardening can be therapeutic. It also helps to create an outdoor area where you can relax and soak up some summer sun.


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