DIY this holiday: Weed Control

Weed-ControlThe summer holiday is almost upon us, and there is no better way to spend it than by lounging around in your beautiful garden. If you struggle with weed control in your garden, get rid of them before the holidays. But always keep in mind that weeds are essential to the health of soils! They prevent erosion, preserve soil fertility and moisture and in nature, bare earth is first healed by colonising weeds.

However, they can still be an irritation and could lead to the death of your beloved other plants. Follow the easy steps below to ensure that weeds do not take over your garden and ruin your summer holiday!

  1. Make sure you always ‘turn’ the ground. Weed seeds can survive in the bed soil for up to 7 years, but they need sunlight. If you turn the ground ever so often, they won’t have stable sunlight and will not be able to survive!
  2. Remove weeds when their bark is big enough to allow you to just pull it out, but make sure not to leave them for too long, because their roots will embed very well in your garden!
  3. Make use of a small weeding tool or fork to remove them and don’t simply yank them out. Also make sure to throw them into your garden waste and do not let them lie around for fear of them spreading their roots.
  4. Make use of an organic herbicide (you can even make your own). This will remove weeds but keep your pets and children safe.

If you have a particular breed of weed that will simply not leave your garden in peace, read here for specialist treatment for that weed.

Enjoy your gardening and garden during the holidays and remember to be safe! Also remember that there are a variety of garden products for sale on Junk Mail and also quite a few traders who will do it all for you…

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