DIY Wedding Invitations: Stunning, fun ideas

With so many free fonts, printables and templates online, DIY wedding invitations have never been so fun and easy. All you need are a couple of stunning ideas, a splash of creativity, beautiful paper, a trusty printer and a steady hand.

Wedding invitation ideas

Here are three invitations you, your friends and family can enjoy making together:

1. Dangling Wedding Invitations


These invitations are super creative and a fun DIY project for the bridesmaids and bride-to-be.

You will need: Round boxes, a circle punch (you can go for any size here, but 7 – 8 cm will work great), thick paper stock, sticker sheets, a printer and lots of ribbon.

How to do it: First, you will need to print out your invitation on the thick paper stock. Remember to spread the wording of your invitations out across all your circles. Once your invitation circles are done, you can cut them out using your circle punch or scissors.

Gather the pictures of the groom and bride and print them out on sticker paper. Remember to keep as close as possible to your decided circle sizes. Once these are printed, they can also be cut out using your circle punch or scissors.

Lay your invitation circles face down and start attaching the ribbon, remembering to make a loop at the top and leaving a small space between each circle as you move down. Once your ribbon is secure, you can start placing your photograph stickers at the back of each invitation circle.

Place your invitations in the round box and, voila, beautiful dangly wedding invitations.

2. Simplistic Sophistication


Not all DIY wedding invitations have to be major arts and crafts projects. This simplistic design is incredibly easy and beautifully sophisticated.

You will need: Stock paper, box cutters and ribbon.

How to do it: Print out your invitation on your chosen paper stock – the thicker the paper stock, the better the desired results. Make your folds and, with you invitation face up (the words facing you), take your box cutters and slice two tiny incisions into the paper at both edges.

Starting on the outside (or top) of the invitation, carefully pull your ribbon through the incisions and take it around the back of the card. Pull the ribbon through the last two incisions, close the two folds and tie a bow.

Tip: Remember to test this invitation on a piece of scrap paper – getting the folds just right, can be quite tricky.

3. Rustic Wedding Invitations


Rustic weddings are very popular these days and, luckily for you, these wedding invitation ideas do not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

You will need: Brown paper stock, a printer, scissors, lace, pins, envelopes, needles and thread.

How to do it: Print your invitations, RSVP and save the date cards on your brown paper stock, making sure that they will fit into the envelopes you chose. Also try to make these cards different sizes – it will add to the final look.

Once your cards have been cut to size, use the largest card in your set and wrap your lace around it. Leaving a 2 cm overlap, cut the lace to size and secure it in place with a pin. Using your needle and thread, make a straight stitch and secure it with a knot. Once your lace is secure, carefully slide your cards in and place the bundle in your envelope.

Top tips for DIY wedding invitations

If you are looking for beautiful fonts to use on your invitations, DaFont and Google Fonts are great places to start.

Boxes of all shapes and sizes can be found at places such as Plastilon, but remember to shop around for the best prices. Arts and crafts stores are also great places for wedding invitation ideas as well as all sorts of supplies.

Planning your wedding? Junk Mail features a great collection of wedding must-haves including venues, dresses, décor, photographers and more.


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