Dog Breeds Red-flagged by Junk Mail

As part of Junk Mail’s commitment to developing an Industry Standard Pets Policy in cooperation with Beauty without Cruelty, the NSPCA and various other roll players in the classifieds industry, here is a list of dogs that Junk Mail will ‘red flag’ in advertising due to the risks associated with dog fighting and other criminal activity.


Remember to report any suspicious dog-type activities to your local SPCA or Police Station and to never take matters into your own hands! Suspicious pet ads on the Junk Mail site can be flagged via the Report flags on the site, or notify Junk Mail Pet Care if you notice anything out of place.

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36 Responses

  1. liezl says:

    I eas advertiding a chihuahua not a pitbull?????

    • Hi Liezl,

      Please elaborate on your message. Unfortunately we will not be able to assist you should you need assistance if we do not have more details.

    • CD du Toit says:

      All the breeds red flagged How will we now advertise puppies that will go to good and loving homes. If we want to do this all advertising concerning men and women should also be red flagged because of the prostitution problem What % of dogs are used in dog fighting Now a whole list of breeds are unadvertiseable because of a very few culprits

  2. Eduard says:

    I tried to advertise Rhodesian Ridgeback’s. It’s not listed under the SPCA’s list of fighting dogs.

    Just say “WE DON”T ADVERTISE DOGS” period.

  3. Hanlie says:

    Hi, I placed an ad today for free kittens to a good home and it was declined. The reason directs me to a page with a list of flagged dogs! I could not find any reference to cats on Junk Mail’s pet policy. Details of my ad:
    Your Ad ID: 39543553
    Kittens Free to a good home
    Kittens,Free to a good home. 8 weeks old, grey/striped, dewormed, potty trained. Please contact me on 082 926 9170 Hanlie

  4. Elaine says:

    I placed an add for free kittens and it was declined. I found the mommy cat and she was already pregnant, she had 5 babies and I cant keep all of them nor do I want to send them to a shelter or SPCA. I do not want money for them but I cant advertise them here? How else am I going to find good homes for them? I do understand your concern about people just giving animals away but these babies do need lovable homes

    • Hi Elaine. Thank you for raising your concerns. Why don’t you advertise them for a small amount, like R50 just to know that people responding care enough to be willing to pay for them? That will also help to recover some of your costs for housing them and their mommy. Thank you for using Junk Mail!

  5. Kelly says:

    I wanted to advertise Sugar Gliders in KZN, they aren’t illigal here. Please advise

  6. Marieke says:

    I utterly disagree with your claim that a Boerboel must be classified as a fighter dog – they are fiercely loyal to their master and will certainly not stand idle if they were to be attacked. If a dog is therefore disqualified as not ‘acceptable’ – because of the ‘risk’ that it would protect it’s owner, this world has certainly lost it and the people who are making these kinds of decisions, need to urgently educate themselves, or risk showing their ignorance…!

    • Hi Marieke,

      These lists were created because people use these dogs (along with other certain large breeds) in fighting rings, which is why Junk Mail has decided to red flag ads advertising these types of dogs, not because they are loyal and protective. We all need to stand together to protect animals of any kind against humans who have little or no empathy for animals and use them in fighting rings.

      Please visit this link for more information and read the views of the NSPCA on this subject.

  7. Riaan Botha says:

    I advertise nyalas which is game and I am a registered breeder

  8. Gerhard Landman says:

    My ref no 39725405 refers
    I have a Tame Zebra male for sale and part of the offer is to immobilize it through a Vet and do the permits through Nature Conservation – yet it is declined by Junk Mail due to “animal cruelty” but where is the consistency in your organization as you allow the sale of
    * Zebra shoulder mounts( Trophy)
    * Zebra skins – Floor mounts
    Where are the consistency as I want to sell it to other breeders to promote / prevent in breeding and to make it available to conservation areas ? Thank you

  9. Hanneke says:

    I would like to know why spiders and snakes are allowed to be advertised, yet a bearded dragon is not, but you have numerous adverts for dragons on your site. my advert has been declined as I am advertising a bearded dragon,an exotic pet. What is your criteria and how do your moderators decide what is allowed?

    • Hi Hanneke,

      Thank you for your query.

      Please note Bearded Dragons are not allowed to be advertised on Junk Mail because they are exotic pets and legislation and permit requirements differ between the different provinces.

      We did find one advert for a bearded dragon on our website, which has subsequently been removed.

      The criteria is thus that no exotic pets can be advertised on Junk Mail due to legislation to protect our natural resources. The moderators follow a strict policy set-up in conjunction with various stakeholders protecting the rights of animals.

      Should you require any additional information, please e-mail

      Kind regards,

  10. Kelly says:

    While I can understand you don’t want to promote dog fighting or animal cruelty, there are many, in fact most, pet owners who have the “restricted” breed of dog or pet and they aren’t abusing them. By restricting the sale and ultimately ownership of these pets its unfair to the animal. What will happen to the puppies that can’t be sold? We have had boerboel/mastiff, doberman and rottwielers, all as family pets. All have been fantastic. Why should these breeds be phased out because some people abuse them.

    People who are intent on abuse and or dog fighting will breed their own or find a way to acquire what they want.

    All the while no restriction is applied to things like cattle destined to be slaughtered by inexperienced people, running a high risk that the animal will suffer. The same goes for most live stock, chickens, goats, sheep and pigs.

    And what about then imposing restrictions on small cheap pets that are bought predominantly for children, mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. 90% of which will live in squalid conditions, in tiny cages and kids forget to feed them? While high end pets, like sugar gliders and hedgehogs are far less likely to be forgotten when people go on holiday. Yet those are the ones with restrictions.

    The reason given that we cannot advertise these pets is that they basically being abused, used for fighting in the case of the dogs, or “exotic” and being caged. What pets aren’t “exotic”? What pet is native to your home environment? Someone who has paid handsomely for an exotic pet will 99% of the time house it properly, feed it well and seek the proper medical attention for it. As opposed to your average rabbit owner who paid a small fee for it, will most likely interbreed it, won’t even notice it’s sick and probably never take it to a vet, specialized or not. You can just replace it at your nearest pet shop for R50, that is cheaper than taking it to the vet.

    I just think that when you start restricting some animals, where does it stop? A reason can be thought up to restrict any animal ownership if you think hard enough. Every kind animal out there is or has been abused by someone somewhere. These people are the problem, a small minority, why should the average animal lover now have to suffer for their ineptness and/or cruelty.

  11. Barbara says:

    This is crazy! My exotic pets get the best food and housing on the market and we sell at a price that we know people who look can afford them will look after them and yet you get to decide what we can sell. If people cant sell them what do you think are going to happen… our one dog was abused by its sellers coz they couldnt sell it we took him out of pitty. You’re do good is no good…

  12. Hendrina says:

    I advertised chinchillas in December. Now I want to place another ad for chinchillas and now it is declined. Please help.

  13. Kelly says:

    I wanted to advertise Tilapia, and yet again I have been directed to the banned dog blog as the reason I cannot place my ad. Please advise. I see other ads for tilapia on junkmail

  14. Johan says:

    I just advertised a breeding pair of Berber Skinks along with their tank and the ad was declined. People sell snakes and lizards all the time on junkmail so I don’t know why it was declined as they are not wild (bred in captivity) and also not endangered. Gumtree accepted my ad with no problems.

    Ad ID: 40098189

    Thank you

  15. bianca says:

    Hi there I advertised a Florida king snake and a tarantula spider how this is illegal please advice this page deals with dog fighting or do I miss something.


  16. Nantus says:

    Hello, I’m trying to advertise a capuchin Monkey, but you declined my ad And as reason for declining you direct me a dog fighting page! what’s up with that? Please sort this issue out or at the very least don’t get monkeys and dogs confused with each other! Other people advertised the same monkeys two months ago.
    Yours in anticipation…

  17. Sheila says:

    I was looking to purchase ducks for my farm. Instead my ad is declined and I’m redirected to a list of fighting dog breeds
    ??? The ducks I’m looking for have all been previously advertised on Junkmail and a search brings up sellers?? So you can sell but not buy?

  18. Safiyya says:

    Hi. I’m trying to advertise my kittens. I’m not willing to sell them. I would like to give them to good home for free. What’s wrong with that?

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