Don’t miss a goal! PVR the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

In little over a week, we’ll see the kick-off to probably one of the world’s biggest sporting events, the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Those who are lucky enough to have match and air tickets to the tournament, can look forward to watching the top teams and best players from all over compete in sunny, tropical weather for that prestigious cup, whilst overlooking the beautiful beaches and hot bodies of Brazil… Sounds like pure bliss, right?


Sadly not all of us are that lucky, but there’s a bit of a consolation prize. You won’t have to miss the grand ceremonies, any of the games, interviews, commentary and more. You can PVR all of it on your DSTV!

With a PVR you have the luxury of recording all, parts or just your favourite moments of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, and watch it over and over should you wish. You can even pause and take breaks in between should your wife want to watch her daily soap, or if you want to stock up on drinks and snacks. However, with a PVR it can be uninterrupted soccer-action. You’ll (almost) feel as though you’re there in Brazil in the midst of the magic…

Don’t have a PVR yet? A brand new PVR is fairly inexpensive, but if you want a real bargain, consider buying a second-hand one on Junk Mail. Get yours in time for the World Cup. Search Junk Mail for “PVR Decoder for sale” and you’ll find fantastic deals in your area.

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