Dryver: A Mobile app That Will Get You Home Safely

The Dryver Mobile App is a first in South Africa from Tops at Spar. Drinking and driving is a serious issue in South Africa and this Mobile App / Social Network is a pro-active solution.

There are more than 500 Tops at Spar stores across Southern Africa. They are known for their edgy marketing and advertising campaigns. Dryver is a brand new social media network which is available for those “who’ve had one too many”. Instead of employing shock tactics, Tops at Spar have opted for a more pro-active approach. New liquor legislation is on the cards that could completely outlaw driving under the influence of alcohol and it’s also calling for a total ban on liquor advertising in the traditional media, prohibit sports sponsorships and outlaw a range of other promotional activities involving liquor.

Dryver App

Tops at Spar are aiming to affect positive change, immediately and in the future. They know the effects of drinking and driving and they want to give their customers a solution. They want to make them aware that they have a choice to be responsible and by delivering their message in a practical and fun way that includes a call to action they believe they are taking our responsibility seriously.

The Dryver app is “tipsy friendly” and easy to use. It creates a mobile community network of friends from one’s existing phone contacts and ensures that help or a lift home can be arranged at any time that you feel that you’ve had one too many. Users can set their status to ‘DRYVING or ‘DRINKING.’ Friends can view one another’s statuses and connect with each other before they set out for a social occasion or use Dryver when they’re already out and about. In addition ‘Designated Drivers’ can be agreed on in advance and this can be communicated to the Dryver friends list.

A clever feature of the app is the “Rescue Me” option. This can be activated if you’re feeling a little too tipsy to contact a friend directly. Dryver will send out an SOS message with your current location to all the active Dryvers on your list.  If all else fails, the Dryver taxi service tab will enable the user to find a taxi in the area, ensuring a safe trip home.  The Dryver app is paired with networking and geo-location technology and is available for Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry Smartphones.

The Dryver app / social network is proof that South Africa is on the ball when it comes to invention. It’s the logical and safe choice for a country that is more and more driven by the digital age. You can download the app at this link.

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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