Dumbbells: Prepare to sweat with a full body workout

If you are looking at gym equipment for sale but not really sure where to start, this is a post for you. Today the Junk Mail team takes a closer look at dumbbells, some awesome exercises with these inexpensive pieces of gym equipment and even helps you point out some great deals on dumbbells for sale on Junk Mail.


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What exactly are Dumbbells?

Dumbbells are free weights used by gym enthusiasts in weight training. Used either individually or in pairs, these pieces of gym equipment are effectively used not only to build muscle, but also to tone the upper body.

Simply described as a short bar with weights on each end, this equipment comes in different sizes and weights.


Said to be one of the most effective pieces of equipment when it comes to not only toning muscle, but building muscle as well, a dumbbell can be used in a number of exercises and are great for those who work out from home (where space can sometimes be limited).

Adjustable dumbbells are simply the type of dumbbell that allows the user to adjust the weight. Imagine a barbell, but with a shorter bar.

So, what then is a barbell?

A barbell is very simply described as a long bar with weights attached to each end. It is like a dumbbell, but with a longer bar in between the weights. Used in various exercise regimes – from powerlifting to bodybuilding and weight training – these types of weights for sale allow you to go ‘heavier’ and introduces a whole set of exercises.


Where the barbell is more useful than the dumbbell is when it comes to giving your legs a better workout (deadlifts and squats) and when performing explosive exercises.

Awesome Dumbbell Exercises to get Your Upper Body in shape

Dumbbells are stunning pieces of gym equipment for sale simply because it allows you tone and build different sections of your upper body. Versatile in many ways, here are some awesome dumbbell exercises for beginners and intermediate weight lifters. We are sure that these muscle building and toning exercises will convince you to find used gym equipment and dumbbells for sale.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Always be careful when attempting any excise, especially when lifting weights are involved. Keep the weight low until your form is perfect.

Dumbbell Exercises that mainly focuses on the chest

Dumbbell Bench Press: Using a decline bench and securing your legs in place, your weights should be in front of you at shoulder width. Bring down the weights to your sides (breathing out while you do it) and then push it back up (breathing in). Once your weights are in the air (at shoulder width) lock your arms and squeeze your chest. Release and lower your weights back down and repeat the process. Other muscles also targeted by this exercise include your triceps and shoulders.

Dumbbell Flyes: One of the many great weights exercises, this exercise entails you to hold your weights at shoulder width while laying down on a bench. With the palms of your hands facing each other, raise the weights but stop just before you lock – this is your starting position. From here, with your elbows slightly bent, lower your arms (while breathing in), creating an arch, until you feel a stretch in your chest. Note here that your arms should not move and the only movement that occurs in this exercise is that in your shoulders. Breathing out, return to you starting position, holding this contracted state for a second and then repeating the entire movement.


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Around the World: Laying down on a bench, your palms facing towards the sky, move the dumbbells from your starting point to over your head, creating a semi-circle. Note that your arms should stay parallel to the ground. Move the weights back to your starting position (backtracking the semi-circle) and repeat. Other parts of your body that will also get a workout by lifting weights in this manner include your shoulders. Note that this is aimed at a more intermediate lifter.


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Dumbbell Exercises focusing on your Biceps and Triceps

Alternating Dumbbell Curls: Most of us knows this exercise. Involving that you stand upright, elbows close to your body and your palms facing inwards, hold your upper arm still, curling the weight, lifting and turning your palm so that it faces outwards. When the weight reaches your shoulder, contract your bicep fully while breathing out. After a second, start moving your arm back to its starting position while breathing in. Repeat the movement with your other arm. This exercise is great for your triceps as well as your forearm muscles.

Decline Dumbbell Triceps Extensions: Laying down on a decline bench holding your weights, lift your arms into the air so that your palms face each other and they are shoulder width apart. Breathing in, move your forearms down slowly in a semi-circular movement towards your head, your thumbs ending up right next to your ears. Contracting your triceps and exhaling, move your hands back to their starting position.

The Alternate Hammer Curl: Holding a dumbbell in each hand at arm’s length, ensuring that your elbow is close to your upper body, the palms of your hands should face your body. Using your underarm, lift the weight up contracting your bicep, breathing out until the weight is at the level of your shoulder. Hold the position for a second and start to move your arm down, breathing in while completing the movement. Do the same with the next arm. While this exercise is aimed at your bicep, it also gives your forearm a workout.

Dumbbell Exercises focussing on your shoulders

Shoulder Raises or Alternating Deltoid Raise: Holding a pair of dumbbells at you side, slightly bend your elbows. Raise the weights forward so that they are shoulder height. Once this position has been achieved, lower your arms back down. Next, lift the weights to your sides, as if reaching for the walls of the room. Lower your arms back down and repeat the first lift (arms out in front of you).


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The Dumbbell Incline Rise: Aimed at your shoulders, you will have to sit on an incline bench. With your arms extended above your head, palms facing forward, hold the weights above your shoulders. Keeping your arms locked and straight, breath out as you raise your shoulders upwards, away from the bench. Breathe in while you rest your shoulders back down on the bench. Not only is this exercise great for the shoulders, it also gives your triceps a workout.


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The Dumbbell Reverse Fly: Lay with your chest down on an inclined bench – about a 15˚ from the floor. Picking up the dumbbell, palm facing downwards, lift your arm into the air until your hand is level with your shoulder, exhaling while performing the movement. Once you reach the top, hold the position for a second, and lower the weight back down to where you started. Great for your shoulders, this dumbbell exercise will also give your middle back some attention.

If you are looking for more awesome exercises, visit the Bodubuilding.com website!

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