Easy DIY ideas for a fresh new bathroom

From shower doors to bathroom accessories – all of us get tired of our bathrooms every now and again. Today, we investigate some easy ways to give your bathroom a fab new look – from finding stunning shower doors for sale and some great small bathroom ideas, to giving an old door an awesome makeover.


DIY Shower doors for a stunning look

If you are looking for shower ideas that will transform your bathroom, you have most definitely come to the right place.

Spruce it up!

Having an outdated shower door doesn’t mean you have to break it out entirely to give a new, fresh look. This great idea from Remodelaholic uses some simple supplies and a steady hand to create a shower door with an industrial look.


You will need:

  • A couple of cans of black Rust-oleum Spray Paint (you can find this at a number of stores in South Africa, including Jack’s Paint). Opt for one that has a primer.
  • For a cleaner work environment, you will need a roll of painter’s tape and a plastic drop cloth.
  • A permanent marker, a putty knife, a tape measure and a level.
  • You will also need some strong glue (like Loctite GO2 Glue) and window and door caulk.
  • You will also need a caulk gun (to make the process easier) and a caulk finishing tool (which you will use to reinforce the moulding and create a smooth finish).
  • You will also need polystyrene trim moulding (to create the window pane look).

*For safety measures, also get yourself a mask.

How to do it:

Before taking on this project, make sure that your shower is clean and dry.

Use the plastic drop cloth and painter’s tape to cover the areas surrounding your shower’s frame – including the glass. When this is done, you can move on to spraying your shower frame (in and outside)


It will take about three coats, so remember to let the first dry properly before applying another. Once you are done painting, use your putty knife to lift the edges of your tape before removing it and the plastic drop cloth completely.

If you see any spots that your painting missed, simply spray some of the paint onto a small brush and patch it up. Use cutex remover to remove any unwanted paint from the tiles and glass.

Your next step is the cut your polystyrene trim moulding. Measure the glass inserts of your shower doors vertically and cut your moulding accordingly.

NOTE: Decide the layout / design you want (like four vertical and five across) before cutting. Measure carefully and mark where each slat should be glued with your permanent marker.

After you have cut the vertical moulds, spray and leave to dry. Apply your glue to the back of the cut moulding and carefully place them on the marked lines. Using your level, make sure that they are perfectly straight.


Once these are nicely glued into place, use your tape measure again to measure the distance between your vertical moulds as well as the spacing from the top to the bottom of the glass. Mark where you will stick your horizontal slats with your permanent marker.

Cut your mouldings to length and paint them on both sides. Once they are dry, you can glue them into place – remember to use your level to make super sure they are straight.


Get your clear caulk and seal every nook and cranny of the moulds – this will help to keep water out. Remember to use your tool to create a smooth caulk line.


And voila – an awesome industrial design shower door!

Replace it

If you are not the crafty type and are fresh out of fun shower ideas, you can always opt to replace your door with one of the amazing shower doors for sale on Junk Mail!

Frameless shower doors can add a touch of modern sophistication to your bathroom. Made from 8 millimetre thick glass that has been toughened, this is sure to brighten any bathroom.


Active within the industry for the past twenty years, RSA Aluminium and Glass is a stunning option. Supplying both framed and frameless doors, they are based in the Johannesburg South area, but available for work throughout South Africa.


Great DIY small bathrooms ideas

If you are limited on space, there are some amazing ideas out there to help you fully utilise your available room. Shower curtains are great replacements and less expensive than finding shower doors for sale.

While most of us remember those ugly plastic curtains, we have moved passed this and have found more creative ways to make our bathrooms beautiful. You can even make your own – many people opt for fabric shower curtains as they add a warm and luxurious touch.


Unlike shower doors, you can choose any pattern, colour or combination of colours you want. From combining two different colours (in blocks in varying sizes), to adding a couple of decorative ribbons, you can give your bathroom a fun new look.


Top Tip: Instead of using just one curtain, why not use two? This creates a fun look that is different from what people are used to seeing.



From drab to fab with awesome bathroom accessories

All girls know that, with the right accessories, an outfit pops. The same goes for our bathrooms. Now that you know how to give your door a makeover and where to find shower doors for sale, it is time to add tiny touches that are not only pretty, but functional as well.

Most of us have some trouble with storage space in the bathroom. With this mind, never underestimate a strategically placed shelf. Use that space at the foot (or end) of your tub – you know, the one where we always stack out shampoos – and install shelves.

A great way for you to create extra storage space in the bathroom, opting for plain white or shabby chic shelves can add a touch of style to your bathroom as well.


If you have a bare piece of wall in the bathroom, invest in some hooks and baskets and create a unique shelving solution. Fun and versatile, these baskets become great storage spaces for toilet paper, handtowels and even deodorants – use them for whatever you need.


Top Tip: This can even work behind the bathroom door (if it doesn’t open against a wall).

No one said you have to be traditional in the way you plan your storage in the bathroom. This great idea uses glass jars attached to a wooden plank (which you can decorate in any way you wish) using hose clamps. Put it up on the wall and use it for small items like earbuds, makeup brushes and cotton wool.


A bookcase might not be the first thing you think of when we say bathroom accessories, but it works beautifully. Finding an appropriately sized bookcase, you might want to give it a fresh coat of paint. Put it up against the wall and use the shelves for all sorts of things – from toilet paper to towels.


You can even take this idea one step further by adding hooks to the bottom of the bookcase for wet towels.


Remember, there is no reason why you can’t use furniture as versatile solutions for the bathroom. From stunning bookcases to chic shelving units, you can transform your dull bathroom with creatively fun bathroom and shower ideas.



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