Easy ways to do a Cell C Balance check

Using Cell C as your mobile service provider?

Here are some of the easiest tips on how to check your Cell C airtime balance, SMS and data balances from your mobile phone or smart device:



  • Contract users can check their balances by dialing *147# and following the on-screen prompts while prepaid customers can dial *101#.
  • Cell C does not have a mobile app at this time, but there is an alternative app available on the Google Play Store. The Cell C Service Manager from Red Source Point allows you easy access to all your needed USSD codes. Note that this is a third party app and not developed by Cell C.

And there you go – two simple ways for contract and prepaid users to do a Cell C balance check.


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5 Responses

  1. Monwabisi mkhize says:

    I just wanted to know my balance account for this Number 0748877267

  2. Gerhard Lamprecht says:

    The post says “…mobile phone or smart device” Thank you for saying how to check on a mobile phone, but you dont say how to check your balance with a smart device like a WiFi router for example.

    Popping a sim card into a mobile phone is not as easy as it sounds. I have probably about 6 phones in my household, all with microsim or nanosim. However my device only has a normal SIM card.

    I have a SIM number, but I dont know what the MSISDN (dialling number) is.

    What can I do?

  3. Johnson says:

    Guys in the technology department must do their best to make it easier to check our balances without having to for all those numerous prompts.

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