Educate a Child By Attending The Agang Sechaba Event!

Do you remember learning how to read? How about the time you completed your first essay? Or that sense of achievement when you got your first A? Then there are those vivid memories of you finishing school and looking forward to a bright future.

The picture of a bright future is how it should be. We all go through various milestones in our school career so that we can one day go to University and get the desired qualificiations to live out our dream job and be successful.

Not all of us are blessed with the opportunity to go to varsity and the Agang Sechaba women’s initiative acknowledges this. This foundation was formed by professional women who are passionate about community development. This NPO is aimed at improving the lives of the children and women in South African Communities.

The next charity event on the Agang Sechaba agenda is the ‘Educate A Child’ Polo Charity Event that will taking place at the Inanda Polo Grounds on the 29th of October from 8 AM till 5 PM. The NPO aims to raise funds to put more students through tertiary education in 2012.

Basetsana Kumalo (who is set to be the MC) will auction one of her dresses at the event. Proceeds will be going into the Agang Sechaba educational programme. She has worked with the NPO since its inception and has been humbled by the work the organsisation does and the lives it touches every day. The Agang Sechaba is an organisation that tangibly touches the lives of children in SA.

The event will featuring a fashion garden, wine, food and picnic gardens. Guests can expect to have fun throughout the day whilst supporting a good cause. Tickets can be bought on the Entry Tickets Website and VIP tickets as well as corporate marquees can be purchased through Exclusif Events (you can contact them on 076 2055163).

To date, Agang Sechaba has successfully managed to put 15 kids through the Edutech Master Learner (EML) Development Programme. This educational program assists kids from grade 10, 11 and 12 with study skills. The NPO is currently paying for 5 kids in tertiary (2 at the University of Johannesburg, 1 at Witwatersrand University, 1 at the University of Cape Town and another at College Campus). Some of the kids who are now at tertiary level for whom they are paying, came from the EML programme.

For more information on the Agang Sechaba, ‘Educate A Child’ Polo Charity Event please contact Grace Kadzere of Continuum Studios on (011) 784 4314, 073 317 6581 or

Some of Agang Sechaba’s current projects include:

  • Kwa Thema (Soup Kitchen),
  • Kwa Thema Titimang Sechaba Project,
  • Xmas Project (Olivenhout, Tlhokomelo-Home Orlando, Kwa-Thema),
  • The Winter Project (Blankets),
  • The Educational Project (Issuing of bursaries to financially deserving individuals with good academic records),
  • Adopt a child/family Project and
  • Miriam Makeba Home for Girls.

Check out the Agang Sechaba website at You can also follow them on Twitter. Or you can check out their page on Facebook.

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