Even More Social Integration for Junk Mail

With Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter playing a greater role in more and more people’s lives each day, we have decided to integrate even more of these Social Media buttons on the  www.junkmail.co.za site to make it easier for you to share adverts with friends and followers.

So…where are these new buttons?

We have added both the Facebook and Twitter share buttons on advert listing pages so that you don’t even have to open up an advert to share it.

We have also added a Facebook Send button and Tween button on advert details pages.  The Send button will enable you to share it with only a selected couple of friends, while the normal Facebook Share button will share it to your profile.  The Tweet button will obviously enable to you tweet the advert to your followers on Twitter.

 You will also see the Facebook and Twitter share buttons in the email confirmations you receive when placing an advert.  You can share the adverts you place directly from the email by clicking the links.

So why share your adverts on Facebook and Twitter?

Well, if you share them, you will reach a bigger audience of potential buyers and thus stand a better chance of actually selling the item. So you should even ask your Facebook friends to share it with their friends and your Twitter followers to re-tweet it for even more exposure.

Have fun sharing ads to your favourite social media platform!

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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