Fabulous party ideas to get you through the festivities

Are you looking for party ideas? Whether you are planning a Christmas party or a New Year’s event, we have some great ideas for you. If hosting a big event on your own isn’t for you, you can always make use of the amazing event hire services advertised on Junk Mail.

Throwing a Year-end Party

office year end party

Company year-end parties are an excellent way to cultivate team spirit. These events are also an opportunity to commend your employees for their contributions to the company. While year-end parties have many benefits, it can be challenging to get creative and set up a fun last minute party on a budget.

The first step is to decide what type of party you want to host. A dinner party is a great idea for a year-end celebration, giving employees a chance to enjoy a delicious meal together. Here catering services are a good idea.

Next you will need to decide on a venue such as a restaurant or hotel. If you are making use of just a plain hall, or setting the party up in a big boardroom, you might want to consider making use of table and chair hire.

event decoration idea for a dinner party

If you want to get creative, you could use a charter boat or entertainment complex as a location for the party. Depending on the venue that you select, you may also need to arrange caterers for the event. If it’s a more casual party, you could even hire the services of a food truck.

Once you have the basics in place, it is time to start putting your creative party ideas into action. Entertainment options include hiring a live band or a DJ. You could also organise a talent show or a dancing contest.

Karaoke is another form of entertainment which will make your party stand out. You may want to consider hiring the services of an event planner. The advantage of using these services is that event planners take the hassle out of organizing your year-end-party. They arrange everything, from the venue to the entertainment, according to your company’s requirements and budget.

office party ideas

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Hosting a Christmas Party

Get crafty this festive season to create unique and affordable decorations for your Christmas party. Event decoration ideas include DIY mistletoe and painted pinecones. You can make your own mistletoe with felt, ribbon and beads. Cut out the mistletoe using a template then decorate it using beads and ribbons.

Add a special touch to your dinner party by tying bows and a Christmas ornament to your dining room chairs for a sophisticated festive look. You can paint pine cones with gold paint and use them to decorate your table or side tables. Add glitter to the pinecone for a dazzling effect.

bows around pillows

Add some festive cheer to your lounge by tying bows around your pillows to make them look like presents. You can make your own decorative loops by cutting sections of wrapping paper, looping them together and securing them with glue. Use paper plates to make angels for a beautiful centrepiece.

Illuminating the driveway with candles placed in brown paper bags is a great way to welcome your guests and one of the more stunning event decoration ideas out there. You can make a mini Christmas tree by collecting branches from your garden, spray-painting the branches and placing them in a vase. Decorate with Christmas ornaments for a finishing touch.

party decorations with candles

Once your decorations are done, there are plenty of other aspects of the party to consider. It is important to check that you have enough space to accommodate your guests. You can look for table and chair hire services online to create extra room for guests. Another option is to rent a venue which will save you the hassle of hosting the party at your home.

New Year’s Eve Party

Celebrate the New Year in style by hosting a sophisticated party. With some simple decorating ideas, you can turn a mediocre party into a spectacular one. Use white paper to make snowflakes and decorate them with glitter. You can hang the snowflakes from the ceiling with ribbon once you are done.

party ideas for new years eve

Hang curled ribbon from light fixtures and doorways to add to the festive ambiance in your home. You can save money and time by asking guests to bring appetisers and desserts. Some suggestions are vegetable and hummus, cheese platters and mixed nuts.

Champagne Sangria will add to the evening’s festivities. All you need for this recipe is apple juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, champagne and fruit slices. Keep all the ingredients chilled until you are ready to serve the Champagne Sangria. When the moment is right, mix the ingredients together, gently adding the champagne last.

When it comes to awesome party ideas, you can’t go wrong with setting up a photo booth. Have some dress up items for guests to wear and as they arrive ask someone to be in charge of snapping a fun photo.

photo booth at a new years party

Add a game to your party by asking everyone to write down their new year predictions on paper and then place the suggestions in a box. At dinner you can read them out and ask everyone to guess who wrote them.

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A Birthday Party to remember

If you are looking for party ideas for adults, you have come to the right place. A key element to a good party is to choose the right venue. You can host the party at your home or look for event venues online.

To make your event decoration ideas pop, you can always make use of bright colours. In terms of decorating ideas, you can keep it simple, highlight the special person’s life.

adult party ideas

You can also plan a high tea party for all the girls. Go all out by setting up a table in your garden under a tree and decorate it with pastel colours. Put out a selection of cakes to complete the tea party theme.

tea party ideas for adults

Planning a big party? With so many great and easy party ideas out there, you are well on your way to having a fabulous celebration. Need a little help? Make use of the stunning event hire services advertised on Junk Mail.

Fabulous party ideas to get you through the festivities
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Fabulous party ideas to get you through the festivities
Are you looking for party ideas? Whether you are planning a Christmas party or a New Year’s event, we have some great ideas for you.
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