Facts about Cricket Bats

Are you looking for cricket bats for sale? Cricket is a fun sport which can be enjoyed by the whole family and, if you are playing cricket competitively, you will need to make sure that you have the right cricket equipment. From New Balance cricket bats to Adidas equipment, there are plenty of different brands available at stunning prices on Junk Mail.

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Interesting Facts About Cricket Bats

The first mention of cricket bats was back in 1624, and they typically consist of a block of wood which has a flat front side and a back side with a ridge. Bats are usually manufactured from Willow wood which is treated with linseed oil. This type of wood was selected for its lightweight properties and durability.

The wooden blade is fixed to a cylindrical handle which has a rubber grip. Near to the handle you will find the shoulders of the bat while the edge is referred to the as the toe of the bat. Bats come in a variety of sizes with children’s bats ranging from size 0 to 6. Harrow is a good size for youths and SH is commonly used by adults.

Choosing the right Cricket Bats

Now that you know more about cricket bats, here are some tips on how to choose between the different types.

Choosing not only the right, but the best cricket bats is essential as it will have an effect on your performance on the cricket field. When you are looking for the best cricket bats you will need to keep your personal requirements in mind. Your budget will also play a role in your decision.

Whether you are playing cricket for fun or intend to take the game more seriously, will also influence your choice. It is important to choose a cricket bat that is the right size.

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Cricket bat sizes vary according to your height and you will also have a choice between different brands. If you are just playing cricket in your garden for fun, you can opt for a cheaper cricket bat, but if you intend to take the game more seriously you will need to buy cricket equipment that has been made by a reputable brand.

Kookaburra cricket bats are well-known for their reliable performance. Other options include Adidas, Puma as well as Gunn and Moore cricket bats.

When looking at the different cricket bats for sale, you can choose between bats which are made from English Willow or Kashmir Willow. English Willow is more expensive but it produces better quality bats that have more power. If you are just starting out, you can choose a more affordable Kashmir Willow bat.

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Another factor to consider is the weight of the bat. The grains on the front of the bat influence its performance and durability. Your batting style will also have an impact on the cricket equipment that you choose. Lower middles are suited to front foot batters while higher middles are suited to back foot players.

Best Cricket Bats endorsed by Cricketers

Take a look at some of the best cricket bats which are endorsed by the leading international cricketers.

Spartan GG Authority manufactures quality bats which are designed to support the performance of leading batsmen. These bats are endorsed by Chris Gayle as well as Matt Prior.

reebok cricket

Reebok Blast is also worth a mention and these premium bats are supported by Shakib Al Hasan as well as Gautam Gambir. Another one of the best cricket bats in the world is the Kookaburra Angry Beast which is endorsed by Brad Haddin and Matthew Wade.

The Adidas Incurza is one of the best bats that you could own and this bat is promoted by Sachin Tendulkar.

Best Cricket Bats for sale in South Africa

Take a look at some of the really excellent brands and cricket bats for sale which are available on the market in South Africa.

The Adidas Libro Pro Bat will set you back R 4000. An element of style is added to the functional design of this short handle bat by the incorporation of orange and blue branding.

The Adidas Pellare Club Bat costs R 1700. This is a junior bat that is manufactured to support all-round performance. The Bellingham and Smith Firelight is a short handle cricket bat. The price of these cricket bats are R 2150. It is made from English Willow. These bats offer a well-balanced weight distribution.

gunn and moore bats

Gunn and Moore cricket bats also offer a range of popular choices. Some of your options here include the 606 Paragon which is made of English Willow and offers a lighter swing weight. A size 5 bat, it is priced at around R 2900. If you are looking for more affordable Gunn and Moore cricket bats, you can take a closer look at the 101 Mana Kash. With a price tag of R 650, this bat is a size 6 and made of Kashmir Willow.

If you are in the market for Kookaburra cricket bats, take a closer look at the Kahuna 400 Kash bat. Suited to junior cricketers as well as social players, this bat is priced at R399. This size 6 bat is made from Kashmir Willow. Higher end Kookaburra cricket bats are also available. A great example of this is the Ghost Pro Players 2 short handle bat made of English Willow. A short handle bat, it has a price tag of around R 4200.

kookaburra bats

New Balance cricket bats are another great option offered in South Africa. The DC 580 is made of English Willow and features an anti-scuff sheet on the grain face and carries a price tag of around R1900. The TC 560 is another good option. Carrying a price tag of around R1700, this bat has big edges and is made of English Willow.

If you are looking for affordable cricket equipment Junk Mail is the ideal place to shop. With a range of cricket bats for sale, you are sure to find the right equipment for the ultimate gentleman’s game. Selling your old bats and equipment? Place your FREE AD by visiting www.JunkMail.co.za today!

Facts about Cricket Bats
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Facts about Cricket Bats
Choosing not only the right, but the best cricket bats is essential as it will have an effect on your performance on the cricket field.
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