Fake Tans Increase Your IQ

Einstein vs Marbe

Suck it Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein! Lauren Marbe just whipped your Mensa IQ scores!

“I am blond, I do wear make-up and I do go out. I love my fake tan and my fake nails as well.” That being said, Lauren Marbe is a straight-A student from Essex and she scored and impressive 161 on the Mensa IQ test. Hawking, Gates, and Einstein only scored 160!

Lauren said that she is used to being underestimated and loves proving people wrong with their lame perceptions, both of herself and her home.

Lauren, who is smarter than your average blond with a fake tan, is the daughter of a cab driver (sorry for stereotyping). This just shows you how someone can blow you off your feet with what you tend to perceive.

“My teachers knew I was quite clever because of my grades but they had always thought I was blonde and a bit ditzy”, said Lauren. “Now they keep saying I didn’t realize you were that clever”.

Marbe plans to go study Architecture at the University of Cambridge or to become a West End drama performer when she graduates from school.

Be brave and see if you can beat Lauren’s IQ score on Mensa. Who knows, you might just end up being in the top 1% of the cleverest people in the world.

Remember, not all blonds are dilly.

Heinrich van den Worm

Head of Social and Media Strategist @AVATAR_ZA | Went barefoot for a year for charity | Not a guru | Compadre

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