Why we should support Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are an opportunity to access fresh produce at affordable prices. Not only are fresh foods tastier, they’re also more nutritious. Another benefit of shopping at markets is that you are supporting your community by spending money with local businesses. Local support helps the markets in your area to thrive. Read our blog post if you want to know why we love shopping at farmers markets.

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Fresher fruits and veggies

It’s more likely that you’ll find fresh vegetables that are in season when you buy straight from farmers. Freshly picked produce contains more nutrients than food that has been sitting in a warehouse for longer. When you buy from the shops, it’s likely that the produce has been sitting on a truck, in a warehouse, and on the shelves before you purchase it. The fresher the produce, the more likely it is to last for longer in your refrigerator.

Cheaper organic fruits and veggies

When you buy fresh foods from local farmers, it’s likely that fewer pesticides were used in their cultivation when compared to the produce from larger farms. Food that is grown with fewer pesticides is healthier than fruit and vegetables that have been cultivated using chemicals. You can also find more affordable organic options at your local farmers market. Cost is a barrier for most people when it comes to buying organic food, and now you can get chemical-free fruit and vegetables without spending a fortune.

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Family fun

Visiting a nearby farmers market is a fun outing for your whole family and it’s an opportunity for your family to meet other members of your community. Children are able to see the range of fruits and vegetables that are available at the market, which encourages them to try different produce. You can let them choose different fruit and vegetables to try, which will encourage them to eat healthily. Visiting a market is a great opportunity for children to learn more about where their food comes from. With less junk food around and open space, shopping with younger children is a more enjoyable experience than buying food at a shopping centre.

Supporting your local economy and farmers

Cultivating local support for South African businesses is important for our economy. Rather than buying imported food, you are helping to boost our economy by supporting local businesses. As the economy in South Africa is under strain, it’s more important than ever to buy from local enterprises.

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Buying produce from your local farmers market is an environmentally friendly option. The carbon footprint of the food you buy is reduced as produce sourced from nearby farms doesn’t have to be trucked or shipped over long distances. Shopping at markets is an opportunity to develop a more sustainable lifestyle that has less of an impact on the environment. Less packaging is used at farmers markets, which is another aspect of why supporting markets is a more environmentally friendly option.

Great variety

Farmers markets offer you plenty of variety. From the usual vegetables that you find in the shops to a range of produce that is more difficult to locate, you’ll have plenty of options when you browse the stalls. Variety adds interest to your meals and helps to encourage healthy eating.

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Support humane animal treatment

You can find a range of ethically sourced animal products at farmers markets. As awareness increases of the cruelty to animals that is associated with the agricultural industry, more consumers are choosing ethical sources for their meat. Not only is this a kinder option, it’s also healthier to eat meat that is free from antibiotics and hormones. You’ll be saving animals from cramped cages and poor living conditions when you buy meat directly from small-scale farmers.

Better taste

Fresh foods have a better taste than the produce that has been left standing for a while. The farmers at the market will also be able to share tips with you on how to take proper care of the vegetables that you buy from them so that the produce lasts longer. It’s also likely that they will be able to share cooking tips and suggestions on how to prepare the food you purchase from their stall.

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Now that you know more about the advantages of buying directly at farmers markets, you can look for a market near you. Not only is shopping at farmers markets more enjoyable, it’s also an affordable way to buy healthy food.

Why we should support Farmers Markets
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Why we should support Farmers Markets
Farmers markets are an opportunity to access fresh produce at affordable prices. Not only are fresh foods tastier, they’re also more nutritious.
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