Fifa World Cup 2014: The Results and Standings so far…

Have you been watching the games? It seems that the trophy might just go to an “underdog” this year… We’re seeing some surprising results, and the biggest surprise is the beatings the current defending champions are getting.

Spain has had to endure an embarrassing defeat of 1:5 to the Netherlands on Friday, and 0:2 to Chile on Wednesday. It’s almost safe to say, they’ve had their turn, and it’s now up to the rest to battle it out for the prestigious Cup.

What’s your take on the tournament? Which team is your favourite to be crowned the champions at the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil? Leave your comments below.

Herewith the results and standings* so far:



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*These results and standings sourced from the Official FIFA Brazil iOS App (presented by Johnson & Johnson)

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  1. Orion says:

    This world cup doe not have that electric vibe.

    this is Brazil, we supposed to see the samba flavor in the stands, but it’s pretty ordinary.

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