5 things you can’t do without while watching the FIFA World Cup 2018

Soccer fever has consumed the world, or as other parts of the world would refer to it, football. Whatever you want to call it, the excitement is almost palpable and you can be sure that we will be glued to our seats, watching each game until the final FIFA World Cup match on 15 July. Until then, here are our suggestions for five things you can’t do without while watching your favourite teams battle it out for the top position.

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1. A great television

This one might go without saying, but we want to make sure that you don’t miss out on a moment’s soccer action. From suspenseful penalty shootouts to unbelievable bending shots, with a high-quality flat screen, you’ll be able to see every single headshot and corner kick from the comfort of your living room. To watch live soccer on a great TV, you can find a wide variety of flat screens on Junk Mail.

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2. The fan shirt of your choice

South Africa might not have made it through to the FIFA World Cup in Russia, but you can still pick your favourite team and dress up as a supporter. From shirts to hats and scarves (it is winter after all), pick your country of choice and let your supporter flag fly. Paint your cheeks, pull on your supporter shirt, and head on over to the closest bar to watch the world cup with some like-minded soccer fans. It’s a great way to spend some of your free time.

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3. Get your own soccer gear

Just because the FIFA World Cup is taking place on the other side of the world, doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the soccer action. Get together a group of your friends and have a match in your local park. The winning team can be awarded some kind of soccer-related prize and will have bragging rights until the next world cup. You can find anything from soccer balls, kits, and goal posts to socks and boots on Junk Mail today.

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4. Snacks!

You didn’t think we’d forget the mention snacks, did you? No matter what your snack of choice is, make sure that you’ve stocked up on plenty of chips, biltong, peanuts, and for the health conscious, lots of fruit and fresh veg and dip. Remember to stay hydrated by making sure you always have a drink in hand to cheers to any live soccer actions you approve of.

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5. Your trusty vuvuzela and makarapa

Yes, we listed both. The vuvuzela and makarapa are iconic when it comes to supporter wear, and even though they might not be present at the FIFA World Cup this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in true African style. Is a South African soccer supporter really properly celebrating a goal scored if they aren’t blowing on one of these, admittedly noisy, plastic horns? We’ll leave that up to you to decide. Put on your makarapa, take some deep breaths, open up your lungs, and get ready to make some noise for your favourite soccer team.

live soccer, soccer, supporter, fifa world cup

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Now you’re all set on essentials for a few weeks of live soccer ahead. The FIFA World Cup is sure to be jam-packed with excitement and you won’t want to miss out on a minute of the soccer action.

5 things you can't do without while watching the FIFA World Cup 2018 | Junk Mail Blog
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5 things you can't do without while watching the FIFA World Cup 2018 | Junk Mail Blog
Soccer fever has consumed the world and the excitement is almost palpable. We will definitely be watching as many FIFA World Cup matches as possible, that's for sure! How about you? If you're as excited as we are, here are 5 things you can't do without on game days.
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