FIFA World Cup Fixtures for this week

For all the Junk Mail Soccer Crazies, here are this week’s World Cup Fixtures:

Date Team vs Team Time Group
23-Jun Netherlands vs. Chile 18:00 Group B
Australia vs. Spain Group B
Croatia vs. Mexico 22:00 Group A
Cameroon vs. Brazil Group A
24-Jun Costa Rica vs. England 18:00 Group D
Italy vs. Uruguay Group D
Greece vs. Cote d’Ivoire 22:00 Group C
Japan vs. Columbia Group C
25-Jun Bosnia & Herzegovina vs. Iran 18:00 Group F
Nigeria vs. Argentina Group F
Equador vs. France 22:00 Group E
Honduras vs. Switzerland Group E
26-Jun USA vs. Germany 18:00 Group G
Portugal vs. Ghana Group G
Algeria vs. Russia 22:00 Group H
South Korea vs. Belgium Group H


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