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There are strict requirements for owning a firearm in South Africa. Some regulations are international while others are country specific. The firearms control regulations were put into place in 2004 with the goal of decreasing crime. If you are looking for guns for sale it is important to review South Africa’s regulations. You will also need to look for gun safes for sale.


The firearms control regulations stipulates that when a firearm is not in control of its owner it must be kept in a safe space which complies with regulations. The safe must have a minimum of one lock. Key locks must have a minimum of six levers while combination locks are required to have three or more wheels. If the safe weighs under 30 kilograms, it must be secured to the floor. It is important to check the quality of the safe before you make a purchase so that you are compliant with South Africa’s gun laws.


It is necessary to obtain a license for each firearm that you own. A competency certificate is an important part of the process. A competency certificate entails going on training which includes using a firearm safely. Applicants must have a clear criminal record pertaining to violent offences. They must be mentally stable without a tendency for violence. Requirements are also specific to the type of firearm that you own as well as what you use the firearm for. If you want to use the weapon for self defense, you will need to prove that a firearm is a necessary precaution. Some firearms are prohibited while other are only available in special conditions.

Dealing firearms is regulated in South Africa and dealers are required to follow certain protocol. Dealers must enter information about their stock onto a national database. Police are permitted to check the dealers stock and records if they feel that it is necessary.

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