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Designing a picturesque landscape? ‘Vetplante’ are a stunning addition to any garden. Succulents can survive under tough conditions and their flowers add colour to the landscape. Aloes, Crassula and Mesembs are among the succulents for sale in South Africa.



Beautiful and hardy, Aloes are a great addition to South African gardens. If you are looking for a plant that can survive in difficult conditions, then add an aloe to your landscape. There are 170 aloe species available in Southern Africa and more than 300 different species can be found throughout the world. While this succulent has been naturalised in Mexico, it is native to Africa. Aloes can add variety to a landscape as they are available in a wide range of sizes. These hardy succulents are a good choice for landscaping tougher terrain as they can grow in deserts and beaches. The leaves , which have a waxy exterior and sunken pores, help the plant to survive with a limited water supply. While these succulents have beautiful flowers, they are not only grown for aesthetic purposes. Aloes have excellent medicinal uses. These plants are used in vitamins as well as in skin care products.

Aloe-Vetplante Aloe-Succulent-Plants Aloe-plants



Add some colour to your garden with the vibrant pink or scarlet flowers of the Crassula. These succulents can survive in a wide range of conditions including deserts and wetlands. With over 250 species of Crassula, gardeners can choose a variety that is most suited to the design of their garden.

Crassula-Succulents Crassula-Succulent-PlantCrassula-Vetplante


Pretty and tough, Mesembs can survive in adverse conditions. The succulent’s vivid flowers open at noon adding a splash of colour to the landscape. There are approximately 123 species of Mesembs which are native to Southern Africa. While Mesembs are sought after for their beautiful flowers, these succulents also have useful functions. Mesembs prevent soil erosion and their leaves provide food for farm animals. The buds of Mesembs are a popular food source for bugs which deters bugs from attacking the surrounding plants.

Mesembs-plants Mesembs-SucculentsMesembs-Vetplante

Plant lovers have been fascinated with Vetplante for years and with the variety of species available it is easy to add these plants to your garden.

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