Find Beautiful Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Spots in Cape Town

Kitesurfing is a great way to take advantage of the summer sunshine and enjoy South Africa’s beautiful beaches. Windsurfing is another popular water sport and there are plenty of scenic spots where windsurfers can enjoy this sport in South Africa. If you are new to the sport, you can start out by finding second hand surfing equipment for sale.



Windsurfing is an exciting sport which incorporates elements of surfing as well as sailing. If you are interested in skate boarding or water-skiing, you will also find similarities between windsurfing and these sports. A board is essential for windsurfing and the boards are fitted with a sail. Boards range between two and five metres. The board that you choose will depend on your personal requirements as well as your level of expertise. Once you have mastered the basics of windsurfing you can progress to more advanced moves such as jumps and spinning. If you want to take windsurfing to the next level, you can participate in speed surfing or freestyle competitions. The weather conditions are an important factor in this sport and ideal conditions are winds from fifteen to twenty-five knots.


Whether you are an experienced windsurfer or you are just starting out, there are plenty of windsurfing spots in Cape Town. Windsurfing can be a fun activity for holiday makers. Residents of Cape Town can enjoy windsurfing on the weekends and advance their techniques by practicing regularly. Cape Town is suitable for this sport as the winds in the area come from both sides of South Africa alongside the coast. Windsurfers should head out of the city centre to find internationally renowned windsurfing spots. Sunset Beach, which is located in Milnerton, is a well-known location. Visit Table View to find Kite Beach which offers windsurfers excellent surfing conditions. Advanced windsurfers can test their skills at Big Bay in Bloubergstrand which is suitable for speed racing and freestyle moves.



Kitesurfing will get your adrenaline pumping as you use the power of the wind to glide across the water. A special kite and board are needed for this unique sport. The kite is similar to a large parachute and it is used to harness the wind and pull the board and rider. The kite is fitted with inflatable tubes which gives the kite its shape as well as enable the kite to float. The size of the kite depends on your personal requirements as well as the wind speed. Kites range from two to fourteen metres. Riders can perform tricks such as jumps and flat water conditions are best suited to performing different manoeuvres. Riders may enjoy taking their boards across long distances, using the power of the wind to reach high speeds or finding the best conditions to perform tricks.


Cape Town is a prime location for kitesurfing and there are over 30 beaches with outstanding kitesurfing conditions. Whether you are looking for flat conditions to practice tricks or stretches of beach for longer adventures, you can find suitable spots here. The best time for kitesurfing in Cape Town is between October and April. Sunset Beach is renowned for its excellent kitesurfing conditions and you can find kitesurfing schools in the area. Beginners and advanced kite surfers can enhance their skills by attending classes at one of Cape Town’s kitesurfing schools. Betty’s Bay has good waves and Big Bay offers clean waves as well as a flat section for freestyle manoeuvres.


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    Cape Town is one of the best locations in the world to Kitesurf. Big Bay is home of the Red Bull King of the Air is based where the top riders around the world come to compete in one of the biggest competitions of the year. Cabrinha Kiteboarding School is one of the best kitesurfing and kiteboarding schools in Cape Town, and also offers rentals.

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