Where to find garden flats to rent in Pretoria

The Secret Garden… Flat

If you are planning on advertising your property to rent you’ve probably seen that there are hundreds of different places out there that are exactly like yours. This means that your garden flat might not have any individual appeal that you can use to sell it to prospective tenants. If you want decent people, ones that will respect you and your property, you’ll need to attract the right kind of person. In order to do this, you will need to dress your garden flat up a little, actually a lot, so you can make sure your garden flat becomes someone’s home.

The Garden

garden-flats-to-rent-in-PretoriaFirstly, seeing as the garden flat is in fact named a garden flat, why not make sure it has a nice garden. There is something indescribably liberating about getting home after a hard day’s work, taking your shoes off and spending a few moments wandering aimlessly around your garden. It could be the sound of the wind in the trees, the sun on your face or the feel of the springy grass between your toes. No matter what type of day you’ve had, a few minutes alone in a nice garden will make you feel better. This is why a garden flat, should, if at all possible, have a nicely kept garden of its own.


There are few things worse than having no privacy, so if you do have a garden flat on your property, you should try to make sure that both you and your tenants have the necessary privacy to ensure a good relationship. This means you should build walls, grow hedges or plant trees to make sure you can’t see everything the other is doing. Also, living behind closed curtains and heavy blinds really isn’t all that fantastic. In fact, there are few things worse than living life in the dark with the mushrooms. You need sun, you need wind and you need fresh air. If you make sure your garden flat has a certain amount of privacy that allows them to live comfortably, you’ll have happy tenants.

Consider the Tenants

So if you have a garden flat to rent or if you’re thinking about building one to rent out, please bear in mind that people, ones usually belonging to the human race, actually have to live there. If you don’t have a nice, pleasant place to rent out, one that people will actually want to stay in, you won’t have happy tenants, and this will always be bad for you as they will cause more harm than you could possibly imagine. If you are in the market for a new home and were wondering where to find garden flats to rent in Pretoria, have a look at the Junk Mail website where you will find tons of property to rent.

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3 Responses

  1. HELENA says:

    Hello…i an looking for a garden flat to rent….i am only there on weekends and need my own space could be bachelors flat aswell….R1500 – R2000….Tel. 076 959 2750 Helena – non smoker

  2. ana-lise botha says:

    Hi we are looking for a flat to rent. Open plan sit kitchen and dining area. For 2 people. Near Montana Park, waterkloof ridge; Pierre van rynefeld or moraleta park. My husband is working in the area of Erasmusrand. Thanks Ana-lise Botha can be up to R5000.00 p.m.

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