Find the best Microwave for your kitchen

Are you looking for a microwave for sale? From a Samsung microwave to a Defy model, there are plenty of reliable brands to choose from in South Africa. Microwaves offer a convenient and cost effective method of cooking food. You can sell your appliances or find an amazing microwave on Junk Mail.


The microwave was invented by Dr. Percy LeBaron Spencer when he was conducting research on magnetrons during World War II. During his research in 1949 he realised that a chocolate bar in his pocket had melted because of the microwaves that he was using in his research. The first commercial microwaves was produced in 1954 and these appliances were sold for domestic use in 1967.

From the first large and expensive models these kitchen appliances developed into a cost effective appliance. To help you decide which microwave for sale is right for you, take a look at an overview of these four different models.

The MS405 Samsung Microwave vs the MS4082X LG Microwave

The Samsung MS405 Solo MWO has an attractive mirror finish which will complement your stylish kitchen design. The ceramic enamel interior features a triple distribution system. The advantage of a Samsung microwave with a ceramic enamel interior is that it provides a sanitary surface that reduces bacteria contamination. Ceramic Enamel is also durable which ensures that your microwave lasts for longer.


Image Source: Samsung Website

The one touch easy cooking is a convenient feature of this model. The eco mode helps to conserve electricity. By activating the eco mode you can save money and the environment. Features include a clock as well as auto cook and auto reheat. This appliance has a child safety lock.

The advantage of buying a Samsung microwave is that Samsung is well-known for manufacturing quality products. The Samsung MS405 has a width of 375 mm, height of 262 mm and depth of 408mm. The oven has a 40L capacity and a power output of 1000W.


Image Source: Samsung Website

Another great option is to buy a LG microwave. The LG MS4082X has a sleek exterior. This stainless steel model has a LED display. Easy Clean Coating™ makes it more than ten times easier to keep this kitchen appliance clean.

With this coating you can remove stubborn food with water and the wipe of a cloth. Another feature of this LG microwave is two-stage cooking. The LG Solo MS4082X has a width of 566 mm, height of 318 mm and depth of 422 mm. It has an oven capacity of 40L and power output of 1000 W.


Image Source: LG Website

If you are looking for a microwave for sale, here is a useful overview of the LG and Samsung models. Compare their specifications to find out which one of these kitchen appliances for sale best suits your requirements.

 Samsung MS405 Solo MWOLG Solo MS4082X
Width (mm)375556
Height (mm)262318
Depth (mm)408422
Oven Capacity (L40 40
Display TypeLEDLED
Output Power (W)10001000

The RHEM22L Russell Hobbs Microwave vs the DMO367 Defy Microwave

With their reputation for excellence, Russell Hobbs microwaves are a great buy. Their features include a clock and child lock function as well as programmable multi-stage cooking. The Russell Hobbs microwave has 8 auto menus and a 60 minute cooking timer.


Image Source: OK Furniture

The exterior of the microwave has a sophisticated mirror finish which is complemented by a stainless steel control panel. The Russell Hobbs RHEM22L has a 245mm turntable and a unit weight of 10.5 kgs. It has a width of 424 mm, height of 262 mm and depth of 353 mm. This model has an oven capacity of 20L and a power output of 700W.

The exterior of the Defy DMO367 is available in metallic or white. It has 6 power levels and a 30 minute timer. This model has a door safety lock. The Defy microwave is easy to use by turning the operating knobs.


Image Source: Defy Website

It has a width of 452 mm, height of 262 mm and depth of 325 mm. This model has an oven capacity of 20L and a power output of 700 W. For an easy comparison between the Russell Hobbs and Defy microwaves take a look at this table:

 Russell Hobbs RHEM22LDefy DMO367
Width (mm)424452
Height (mm)263262
Depth (mm)353325
Oven Capacity (L)2020
Output Power (W)700700

The Advantages of High Quality Microwaves

Still not convinced? If you need more information to help you decide whether to find a microwave, here are some uses for this popular kitchen appliance.

Aside from being able to cook an entire meal in less than ten minutes, you can also use your microwave to cook your potatoes.


These appliances are useful for softening brown sugar and decrystalising honey. You can also use them to proof yeast dough. With so many uses, it is easy to see why they are a popular kitchen appliance.

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