Find the perfect GPS for your journey

Are you big on travelling and road trips? If you are, then you surely must consider getting a GPS for sale on Junk Mail. Make sure that you never find yourself taking the wrong highway and ending up lost. Make it easy with the many car navigation devices out there, Garmin and Tom Tom to name a few.

vehicle nevigation

A global positioning system is a navigation system that uses satellite information to gather data about your current location. This system is capable of working in any weather condition. The information received by the GPS system is free information meaning that you do not have to pay any subscription or setup fees.

All you have to do is buy a GPS system and you will have a superior replacement to a map. With the continued acceleration of technology GPS systems are getting cheaper and cheaper. This trend is likely to continue, making this a great time to buy a GPS system.

In addition to the systems getting cheaper, they are getting more and more accurate at pin pointing your location and giving you a better breakdown of the shortest path to your destination. This article will help you look at the options available when it comes to GPS systems that you need to consider buying.


logo from garmin

Image source: Garmin South Africa website

The Garmin GPS system is a great brand, with this system you are guaranteed of reliability. The good thing about its GPS systems is that they have something for everything. If you are a big cycler there is a GPS system out there tailored for your biking needs.

When it comes to car navigation, Garmin delivers great GPS accessories that are superior navigation systems. One great product line in particular is the Garmin Drive product line. While some may be of the belief that GPS systems have been replaced by the smart phone, the Drive range has sought to disprove that assumption.

Garmin Drive

With these navigation systems you get live services that ensure that your Garmin drive is constantly updated with fresh content and helpful features that will make your car navigation even more useful to you. Even if you are looking for something as simple as a parking spot, the Garmin Drive GPS accessories can help you with this.

The Garmin Drive range come built with a driver alerts system. The whole point of these features is to help you drive in a much safer way and to be more aware of the environment you are driving in. You will find within driver alerts features such as red light and speed camera alerts that give you notification when you are approaching red traffic lights or speed cameras ensuring that you do not have to pay those dreaded fines you get for over speeding in the wrong area.

A second feature that you will find useful is the traffic jam feature. With this feature you will get notifications when you are approaching a traffic jam. These notifications will indicate that you need to slow down in anticipation of traffic bottlenecks. You will also get alerts notifying you when you are approaching sharp curves, school zones, animal crossing and railroad crossings.

drive by garmin

Image source: Garmin South Africa website

The Garmin DriveAssist

This car navigation system comes with a 5 inch screen that is built to impress. The Garmin comes built with a dash cam that automatically records your drive and saves any footage that is taken during any impact you are involved in and automatically sends this footage to your phone.

In addition to this, the GPS comes built with free live traffic, forward collision and lane departure warning. The device also comes built with Go alerts to let you know when a traffic jam starts clearing up. Lastly, it comes built with Garmin real vision.

This is a feature that shows real camera view and creates short video recaps of long road trips. The GPS price is not too bad for your wallet. You can find this Garmin Drive for about R4 479.

Garmin Nuvi

Amongst GPS accessories another GPS system worth considering is the Garmin Nuvi system.

You will find that the Nuvi car navigation system comes with interesting features such as Lifetime Maps and Garmin Real Vision.

These features will collectively give you access to information regarding open and closed businesses, new roads that are being built and a real live camera to give you a clearer picture of the road ahead of you.

nuvi by garmin

Image source: Garmin South Africa website

The Nuvi Advanced Series

With the Garmin Nuvi advanced series you have an option between a 5 inch screen, 6 inch screen and 7 inch screen. The screen comes built with glass pinch and zoom features, HD digital traffic, voice activated navigation, Bluetooth to cater for hands-free calling, photoReal junction view, Bird’s Eye junction view and Active Lane Guidance.

The great thing about this is that it also comes with a compatibility app to help you link your car navigation system to your smartphone. The Garmin GPS price for this car navigation device goes for about R3 795.


logo by TomTom

Image source: TomTom South Africa website

Tom Tom Go

The Tom Tom Go 50 is the entry level car navigation system in the Tom Tom Go model. The Tom Tom Go comes with lifetime Tom Tom traffic. This lets you receive real time traffic information on your smartphone for the lifetime of your phone.

The Tom Tom GPS also comes with lifetime maps, 3 months speed cameras, advanced lane guidance, tap and go and speak and go features. You can find the Tom Tom Go at a starting price of R1 999 at Dion Wired.

tomtom go nevagation

Image source: TomTom South Africa website

Tom Tom Start

With a starting price of R1899, the Tom Tom Start 50 is another Tom Tom GPS system that is worth investing in. Like other GPS accessories in the Tom Tom Start range, this Tom Tom GPS comes built with a host of interesting features such as lifetime maps, three months speed cameras, advanced lane guidance and tap and go.

When it comes to specifications this Tom Tom system comes built with a battery lifetime of up to 2 hours of autonomous operation, vehicle mount, an internal memory of 8GB, a micro SD slot and a 5 inch touchscreen.

start by tomtom

Image source: TomTom South Africa website

There are plenty of GPS devices to choose from, it will not be an easy task. To your fortune, there is a number of advertised GPS for sale on Junk Mail. Be sure to browse through the various options and find your match.

Find the perfect GPS for your journey
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Find the perfect GPS for your journey
Are you big on travelling and road trips? If you are, then you surely must consider getting a GPS for sale at a bargain on Junk Mail.
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