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Truck and Trailer is a sister website of Junk Mail which means that there are plenty of trucks for sale on Junk Mail. Whether you are looking for an 8 ton truck or a 4 ton truck, there are models available that will meet your transportation needs.


Trucks have many different uses and they can be a great asset to a business. Construction companies require reliable and durable trucks for a range of tasks. If you are looking for a truck to use on a construction site, it is important to choose a model that has outstanding manoeuvrability and performance. The truck must be tough enough to handle challenging terrain.

8 Ton Trucks for sale

Manufacturing companies require trucks to deliver their products to their customers. The size of the truck is an important consideration when choosing a delivery vehicle. Whether you choose a 8 ton truck or a 4 ton truck will depend on the amount of goods that you need to transport. Delivery trucks are required to travel long distances so it is essential to choose a good quality truck. If you choose a truck that is durable, it will save you money on maintenance and repair work. Fuel efficiency is another aspect to consider when you are deciding which truck to buy. Safety features will help to keep your driver safe as well as protect your goods.

Nissan-4Ton-Truck-For-Sale Isuzu-4Ton-Truck-For-Sale  Toyota-4Ton-Truck-For-Sale Toyota-4Ton-Tanker-Truck-For-Sale

Buying a second hand vehicle can help you cut costs. If you buy a used truck, you can get more for less. When buying a truck it is important to inspect the truck thoroughly before committing to the sale. Testing the truck’s performance and capabilities is also a good idea.

Trucks for sale on Junk Mail include an Isuzu NPR400 Man C/CAB and an Isuzu FTR850. A Hino 300 814 LWB (AZ3) is also for sale. This 2012 model has a mileage of 150000 km. The Hino has an inline 4-cylinder engine with a turbo intercooled aspiration. It has a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Truck-for-sale-South-Africa FAW-truck-for-sale Truck-for-sale-South-Africa-8Ton 8Ton-Truck-For-Sale

With the wide range of trucks for sale, it is easy to meet the transportation needs of your company.

For trucks for sale, visit or be sure to visit our sister website for all your specialised truck and trailer needs.


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  1. john mumba says:

    maybe 4×4 Isuzu send me qoute plus the photo my regards john

  2. charlotte says:

    May u pls provide prices for the trucks!

  3. Wellington Mncube says:

    Iam looking for a good second hand Toyota truck , 8 ton.

  4. Mark says:

    4/6 ton enclosed body rear / side opening doors Toyota Dyna or Isuzu Man 400. Picture & quote please 150000 ks 5/8years

  5. In need of a tsecind hand truck on sale.7 tones lorry

  6. Boet van Rensburg says:

    I am looking for a 4 wheel trailer with maize/cattle body +- 8 ton

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