A First Time Buyers Guide to Boats for Sale in Cape Town

There are plenty of reasons to own a boat in Cape Town and it is possible to spot a wide variety of wildlife in the area. While you are cruising out at sea keep an eye out for whales, penguins and seals. Oceana Powerboat Club is conveniently located close to the city and there is a slipway at this location. Another launch site is situated at Hout Bay Harbour. Boat owners can also use the slipways at False Bay Yacht Club or Millers Point. Highlights in this region include shipwrecks, Robben Island and beautiful views of Table Mountain. There are different types of boats for sale in Cape Town and the purpose of the boat will influence your decision.


When you are buying a boat it is important to research the different brands on the market as well as the features that are available for each model. Take note of the space available in your garage as this will determine what size model you can store. The type of vehicle that you own will also affect the size of the boat that you can buy as it may be difficult to tow larger boats with a SUV. It is advisable to buy a model that has a good resale value. Factors such as the maximum weight as well as the number of passengers that the boat can carry should be considered.


Choosing the right boat is essential to ensure the safety of passengers. Pick a boat that has been looked after by its previous owner and go for a test cruise before you make a decision. Ask whether the engine still has a warranty, and it is essential to check the engine thoroughly as engine troubles can be costly to fix. Check that the engine is clean and that there is no corrosion. If you want to get advice from a professional, take the engine to a dealership so that it can be examined by mechanics.

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