First Winner of the "Tell Us Why You Like Us" Junk Mail Cape Town Competition!

On Friday the 13th of January 2012 the Junk Mail team launched a competition for Junk Mail users in Cape Town in conjunction with KFM breakfast DJ Ryan O’ Connor.

Junk Mail users who live in Cape Town were requested to like the newly introduced Junk Mail Cape Town Facebook page and  tell the Junk Mail team what they like about Junk Mail Cape Town.

Competition for the R2000 cash prize was fierce among Cape Townian Junk Mail users! We received more than 180 comments / entries on the Junk Mail Cape Town Facebook  page since the competition was launched on Friday afternoon.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who competed in Day 1 of the competition. The feedback was overwhelming and much appreciated! Day 2 of the competition is well on its way and the judges have already spotted some great comments that are likely to make today’s top 5 finalists list.

In the end the following 5 finalists were chosen by the Junk Mail team on Day 1 of the ‘Tell Us Why You Like Us’ competition:






The Last Entry in the list (From Herman Pentz Moore) was Selected as the 1st Winner of the R2000 Cash Prize!

Congratulations Herman! Thanks for showing your support and telling us why you like us!

Enjoy your R2000 Cash Prize!

If you didn’t win in this round of the “Tell Us Why You Like Us” Junk Mail Cape Town Facebook competition, don’t loose hope we are only in Day 2 with many competitions and prizes still on the way…

Junk Mail is giving away another R2000 cash prize today until Friday 20 January, so get your comment onto our Facebook page before  3 PM  every day this week! You have four days to win, so keep your comments coming!

Read the “Tell Us Why You Like Us” blog post for more details about this competition (which is running every day till Friday this week).

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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