Flexible Samsung cell phones coming in 2013

The battle for mobile phone supremacy is going to be raging on in 2013. Great news is that you can expect some flexible Samsung cell phones in 2013.

Rumors have been floating around lately about the Korean electronics giant working technology like this and its existence was recently confirmed by the Wall Street Journal.

Rumor has it that the first bunch of flexible Samsung cell phones could already be on store shelves as early as July 2013. There are also rumors circulating that Samsung will be introduce a 5.5 inch OLED screen at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in January 2013.

OLED displays generate their own light source. This is a major advance in technology. Currently traditional LCD screens have to be lit via a bulb behind or around the perimeter of the display. OLED displays can be thinner and lighter because they don’t have to house a light (which takes up extra space). Because they have built-in luminosity no glass is required to make them.

An OLED display can be made from plastic or even metal foil. And this also means that they’re more flexible. Imagine being able to bend your mobile phone in half when you put into your bag or your pocket. This may be possible with OLED displays.

Samsung demonstrated OLED technology in 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Show. Check out the video below featuring a 4.5 inch long and 0.3 mm thick Samsung OLED display and you’ll see what I mean:

I would really like to take a look at these flexible Samsung cell phones when they finally make it South African shores. No release dates or details about phone models have been released by them yet.

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  1. Baas de Beer says:

    This is incredible. The applications for this tech is so diverse! As soon as they have infiltrated the market with it, they will be able to start doing some fresh stuff.
    I can already see those wrap-around armbands we played with as kids, making a comeback…

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