Functional living room spaces with a Corner Couch

Are you looking for a new couch? Couches are an important consideration when you are selecting living room furniture. Selecting a corner couch can help you use your available space more effectively. If you opt to find corner couches for sale in Junk Mail, you might even be able to save a couple of bucks along the way.

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Whether you are buying furniture for a family TV room or for a guest lounge, you should consider getting an L shaped couch. These furniture pieces provide comfortable seating while maximising on space.

The benefits of a Corner Couch

An L shaped couch, also called a corner couch, is well-suited to rooms with a minimalist style. They are also ideal for smaller rooms where space conservation is a priority. If you haven’t considered an L couch before, there are plenty of reasons why this furniture should be an option.

Fitting effortless into the corner of the room, these couches take up less space. Their design offers comfortable seating to extra guests. Whether you want to watch TV with your kids or read them a story, this type of couch provides cosy seating for the whole family.

An L couch can save you money as it offers the same amount of seating as a combination of couches and chairs. Spending money on one couch is less expensive than purchasing numerous items of furniture.

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Sectional L couches have the advantage of being versatile. You can adjust the shape of the couch by adding and removing sections. This means that you can customise your corner couch according to the shape of the room and your personal requirements. These couches come apart which means that they are easier to rearrange than other couches.

Many corner couches for sale offer additional features such as concealed storage features. Some even have hidden fold out beds. While there are plenty of advantages to these couches, they also have some limitations. For some people, this type of couch does not provide enough personal space. It also limits your creativity as with one seating solution you can’t combine different types and styles of seating in your room.

Types of L Shaped Couches

Once you made up your mind that an L shaped couch is what you are looking for, the decision-making doesn’t stop there. The different types of couches can be overwhelming but we are here to help.

When you are selecting a couch you will need to consider its fabric, design, colour and shape. The first step is to measure the space that you have available for your couch. Next you will need to review the style of your room.

To create an aesthetically appealing room you will need to choose a corner couch that matches the colour and design elements that are already in the room. Different types of styles to consider include modern, classic, coastal and mid-century.

Design options for the L couch includes stationary, sectional and reclining couches. You may even want to opt for a home theatre style couch.

suede corner couch

The fabric of your couch is a vital consideration that depends on your personal preference as well as the style of the room that the furniture is being added too. One option is to buy a leather corner couch.

Other variations include polyester, faux leather and microfiber. While the type of fabric of your living room furniture is important you will also need to consider the colour and pattern. Solid couches without a pattern are the most popular and are therefore sold in the biggest variety.

Striped and floral variations are also available. You will need to choose the arm style that best meets your needs. Options include pillow top arms, recessed arms and armless variations.

Deals on Corner Couches for sale in Junk Mail

You can find a corner couch for sale on Junk Mail. Take a look at some of the bargains below.

Leather Corner Couch

A brand new L shaped couch is available on Junk Mail for R3 100. Its stunning PU leather upholstery is an impressive addition to any lounge. Not only does it look good, it provides comfortable seating too.

brand new corner couch on junk mail

Comfortable Corner Couch on Junk Mail

You can find an attractive couch for sale on Junk Mail. This comfortable corner couch is durable and easy to clean. It is two years old and in excellent condition. It offers seating for 5 to 6 people. Its earthy suede upholstery adds an attractive design element to the room. Cushions add to its stylish design and enhance the comfort levels of this furniture. This couch is priced at R 5999.

comfy corner couch found on junk mail



New Corner Couch

A new couch is available for R3499 and it comes with a 2 year warranty. This furniture offers seating for five people. Delivery is available.

corner couch for sale on junk mail


Ready to buy your corner couch? Browse through the deals listed in Junk Mail and find the ideal corner couches for sale in your price range right now!

Functional living room spaces with a Corner Couch
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Functional living room spaces with a Corner Couch
Whether you are looking to buy furniture for a family TV room or for a guest lounge, you should consider getting a corner couch.
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