Funny Newspaper Headlines

Some newspapers around the world sometimes forget to think twice before choosing headlines for their articles. Here are a few examples of such cases. Seeing them might trigger the “What were they thinking?” response in most people.

The authors of these articles obviously were not thinking at all when they wrote them:

  • 5th-Graders Get to Grill Lions
  • Blind Woman Gets New Kidney from Dad she Hasn’t Seen in Years
  • Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures
  • Drunk Drivers Paid $1,000 in 1984
  • If Strike isn’t Settled Quickly it May Last a While
  • Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers
  • Reagan Wins on Budget, but More Lies Ahead
  • Robber Holds Up Albert’s Hosiery
  • Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Experts Say
  • War Dims Hope for Peace
  • Safety Experts Say School Bus Passengers Should be Belted
  • Man Struck By Lightning Faces Battery Charge
  • Hospitals are Sued by Seven Foot Doctors
  • Miners Refuse to Work after Death
  • NJ Judge to Rule on Nude Beach
  • Psychics predict world didn’t end yesterday
  • County to pay $250,000 to advertise lack of funds
  • Volunteers search for old Civil War Planes
  • Meeting on open meetings is closed
  • Utah Poison Control Center reminds everyone not to take poison
  • Federal Agents Raid Gunshot, Find Weapons
  • Puerto Rican Teen named Mistress of the Universe
  • One-armed man applauds kindness of strangers
Please let us know which headline you find the funniest. Feedback is appreciated. Check out our other posts in the Fun Corner section of Junk Mail blog.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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