Liven up your garden with garden pots

The flexibility and convenience of garden pots make them a valuable addition to any garden. Pots are quick to add to your garden, which makes them an easy option if you want to enhance your landscaping. You can find a wide range of garden pots for sale on Junk Mail.

Benefits of using garden pots:

Increased Mobility With Garden Pots | Junk Mail

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Increased mobility

Do you sometimes wish that you could move the plants in your garden around? With garden pots, you have the freedom to experiment with different layouts in your outdoor area. You can bring life to dull areas by planting brightly coloured flowers and positioning them in these spaces. Pots give you the flexibility to rearrange your outdoor area when you’re feeling inspired or if you want to create a different look according to each season. If you’re renting a home, garden pots are a great solution as you can take your plants with you when you move.


Create Focus With Your Garden Pots | Junk Mail

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You can create interest and focus

You can use garden pots to create a focal point in your outdoor space. Pots that have been creatively grouped add interest to your garden. Decide on a theme and colour scheme to help create a harmonious ambiance in your outdoor space.



Garden Pots For Indoor Spaces | Junk Mail

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Great for livening up apartments

When you’re planting flowers in garden pots, you have the flexibility to position them anywhere you like. If you live in an apartment, you can use containers to create a tranquil outdoor space on your balcony. You can also place smaller pots on windowsills to create a relaxing ambiance in your home. Place indoor plants in containers and position them inside your home in areas where there is adequate light.


Reduced Costs With Garden Pots | Junk Mail

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Reduced expenses

Using garden pots is an affordable way to liven up your outdoor area. When you plant flowers in pots, you get a bigger effect for a reduced expense. While you’ll need to invest in pots initially, you can replant them year after year.



Garden Pot & Fertilizers | Junk Mail

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Save on water and fertilisers

Water is a precious resource and container gardening helps to conserve water. Not only will you be helping the environment, you’ll also save money on water bills. If the area you live in is facing water restrictions due to drought, it’s easy to keep your pot plants alive by using grey water from your home to water them. Pot plants require less water because the smaller surface area means that less water is lost through evaporation. Container gardening also saves you money on fertilisers. You use less fertiliser in pots because they stay concentrated rather than spreading through a larger area of soil. You’ll need less fertiliser in a pot so that the roots of the plant don’t get burnt.

Use garden pots to enhance your landscaping:

Make A Statement In Your Entrance With Garden Pots | Junk Mail

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Make a statement in your entrance

Create a great first impression on anyone who visits your home by positioning two large pots by your entrance. Beautiful flowers positioned near the front door highlight the entrance and create a striking feature. It’s advisable to invest in classic pots that won’t date when you’re purchasing pots for the entrance to your home. Matching pots on either side of the entrance can enhance the impact of your new feature.


Use Your Garden Pots As A Water Feature | Junk Mail

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Use it as a water feature

Another awesome landscaping tip is to use garden pots as a landscaping feature. To achieve this effect, elevate the pot in the centre of a pool of water. An advantage of this type of water feature is that it’s relatively easy to set up yourself when compared to other types of water features.



Create A Vertical Garden With Garden Pots | Junk Mail

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Create vertical gardens

If you have a limited amount of space, you can use containers to create vertical gardens. This is a great way to add greenery to small outdoor areas, such as balconies or patios. You can even create a vegetable or herb garden without any restrictions of space if you’re working in a limited area. Growing plants vertically can also help to conceal an unattractive wall.


Plant Succulents In Your Garden Pots | Junk Mail

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Plant succulents

Succulents are a popular option, especially in areas that are facing water restrictions. Succulents are resilient, which make them an excellent addition to your garden. You can plant them in shallow pots and experiment with various colours and textures. Make sure that there is enough drainage when you’re choosing a pot for your succulents.


Now that you know more about garden pots, you can get creative when you’re tackling your next landscaping project. Find affordable pots for sale on Junk Mail and create your dream outdoor space.

Liven up your garden with garden pots
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Liven up your garden with garden pots
Garden pots allow you to experiment with different layouts in your outdoor area. Their flexibility & convenience make them a valuable addition to your home.
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