Gear up for summer and find a bargain Gazebo for sale

Summer is finally here and it is time to get the gazebo out and celebrate the sunny weather. From stunning gazebos for the garden, to portable gazebos designed for camping and the beach, today Junk Mail takes a look at what is available out there and why you should find a gazebo for sale.


A Gazebo for the Garden

If you are looking to create a permanent garden feature, a Campmaster gazebo will not really do the trick. Luckily we have a range of fixed and semi-portable gazebos we can choose from, helping us to create stunning days at the pool or just enjoying our lekker South African climate.

There are great options available – from a tented Moroccan to a Victorian style – that can give your home that extra oomph. Made from a variety of materials – including aluminium and wood – and crafted in different shapes and sizes, we are convinced that there is a gazebo out there with your name on it.

Different types of designs:

  • Pagoda: Based on Japanese architecture styles, the Pagoda style gazebos are usually crafted from wood and boasts stunning details.


  • Pergola: More functional in nature, Pergola style gazebos may have an open or closed roof. Supported with pillars on all of its sides, these are usually the types of gazebos you will see covered in vines and greenery.


  • Rotundas: These types of gazebos are usually big, round and features a domed roof. With a European origin, this style is seen in many old ‘gazebos’.


  • Pavilion: Usually featuring open sides, these types of gazebos for sale are versatile, functional and beautiful.


Note that there are many variants of these gazebos, each with its own unique style and look.

Why these gazebos are so great

I have always wanted a Victorian style gazebo in my garden, but if you are not entirely convinced as to why you should actually invest in one, here are some awesome reasons:

  • Gazebos aren’t necessarily only used in summer. These outdoor wonders are perfect for social gatherings or if you want to spend some time alone with your thoughts regardless of what the weather is like.
  • It serves as a versatile and highly functional outdoor space. Whether you use it for your early morning yoga sessions, or a place where you and friends can kick back and relax, you are sure to find more than enough reasons to get outside and use your beautiful space.
  • Gazebos in the garden can be used as a visual focus point. Whether you are building your entire garden around it, or want to hide it between your greenery, creating a ‘secret’ spot, your garden will look (and feel) absolutely stunning.
  • Add a touch of style to your outdoor space by giving the gazebo a Moroccan twist. With curtains, soft pillows and a loving touch, you can create a space that has all the comforts of your living room, but outside and away from the television. Great for family dinners, don’t you think?
  • With so many different types, design and styles available, you can literally create everything from a completely closed off space, to a bare space that allows for ivy and plants to cover its frame. No matter your taste or style – you will find a gazebo for sale that meet your needs and desires.

If done right, gazebos can add value to your home and create a beautiful place you, your family and friends will love.


Garden Gazebos for sale on Junk Mail

If you are looking for a fixed structure that will add a touch of beauty to your garden, Junk Mail is the perfect place to shop. Take a look at some of these gazebos advertised on Junk Mail:

This stunning structure is made of wood and includes a chromodek roof. Priced at R 13 500, this gazebo does not include balustrades, but the price does include installation and painting.


Priced at R 1500, this permanent outdoor accessory is great for creating a beautiful space. With curtains on either side, this gazebo is for sale in Johannesburg.


Looking for something with a Moroccan twist? Why not take a look at this structure? Priced at R 7 000, it can be bolted to the ground and includes side flaps great for creating a warm outdoor space in cold or rainy weather.


With a price tag of R 8 500, this structure is ideal for the garden. Made of steel, this structure will look fabulous with some greenery!


A portable Gazebo

If you love camping or spending the day at the beach, you will know that taking on the elements without your trusty gazebo tent is never a good idea.


When we think gazebos, we have this mental picture of a square – very difficult to get right until you colour code the poles – structure that we all use to shelter from the sun or rain. There are a number of stunning advantages to owning these types of gazebos and we wanted to highlight some of them in this post:

  • Versatility: Portable gazebos can be used literally anywhere. From camping (because we all need a shaded place to create our ‘kitchens’ or hide from the rain) and the beach, to a day at the pool, large family gatherings or out and about picnicking.
  • Gazebo Prices: Depending on the brand you opt for, you can find a nice gazebo for sale that will fulfil your needs and not break the bank.
  • Portability and Storage: These types of gazebos usually fit perfectly into their original bags and can be easily stored.
  • Maintenance: As long as you keep your gazebo tent clean and store it is a dry and safe place, there isn’t really any maintenance involved. Remember that higher quality gazebos made from durable materials will also last longer.
  • A variety of sizes and colours: Aside from being commercially available in a wide range of colours, gazebos also come in different shapes and sizes – from a 3 m by 3 m to a larger 3 m by 4.2 m.


Notable brands in South Africa

Finding a Campmaster is always a good idea. Producing high quality products, these gazebos are usually reasonably priced and comes with a range of side panels that can be purchased as an extra. Available at a number of retailers, including Game and Makro, you can also find a Campmaster gazebo on Junk Mail:

Used only once, this Campmaster is priced at R 500 and for sale in Pretoria.


Priced at R 640, this Campmaster gazebo is easy to erect. Available in Vereeniging, it is green in colour and is still unused.


Howling Moon also produces top quality camping equipment and gazebos. With optional side walls available, this brand of gazebo for sale is popular and great for camping and other outdoor events. The newest Safari range from Howling Moon has Duralumin poles and cotton canvas that is waterproof.

Its newest range of Beach gazebos also have Duralumin poles and features a cover made of 600 Denier PVC Coated Oxford Nylon.

Priced at R 2000, this Howling Moon Gazebo tent is for sale in Johannesburg and includes its side flaps.


Bushtec also produces a number of high quality gazebos. A great example of this brand’s gazebos for sale includes the Bushtec GR Canvas structure, measuring three meters by three meters in size and featuring a steel frame and rip stop canvas material.


Image via iWarehouse.

If you are looking for something a little bigger, Bushtec also offers the Rhino Gazebo tent which has a galvanised steel frame and a Tenex High Performance material cover.


Image via iWarehouse.

Another option available in South Africa is the Natural Instinct brand which you can find at retailers like Sportsmans Warehouse. Some of the options available includes the Easy Pitch Deluxe, priced at around R 3 000, which has a 300D Polyester fabric cover and a vented roof, allowing for an improved airflow on those hot days.


Image via Sportsmans Warehouse.

The Easy Pitch Gazebo is also a great option from Natural Instincts. Priced at around R 1 400, this structure is made of fire-retardant 150D Oxford Nylon and weighs in at around 14 kilograms. Water and UV resistant, the Easy Pitch has steel poles and is easy to assemble.


Image via Sportsmans Warehouse.

If you are familiar with the Campmaster gazebo brand, you will most likely know the Coleman brand as well. Great manufacturers of cool boxes, Coleman also produces high quality event shelters. With two sizes available (a 12 m x 12 m and a 15 m x 15 m), these shelters are dome shaped and has an additional sun wall available.

With steel poles and weighing in at only 16 kilograms (for the 12 m by 12 m), this spunky design has a 450 mm polyester cover with UV Guard protection, creating a ‘living’ area of 13.32 m2 and offering 215 centimetres of headroom.

Ready to find a gazebo for sale? Junk Mail has a number gazebos for sale – from one for your garden to a stunning gazebo for outdoor events, you will find it on Selling your gazebos? Place your FREE ad on Junk Mail now!

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