Get around city streets with scooters for sale

Let’s face it, sitting in traffic is a terrible feeling. If you live in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban or Pretoria and you drive you have probably been stuck in traffic quite a few times. It is even more frustrating when you have to get to a meeting, to work or you simply want to go home. If you are looking for an alternative mode of transport to, ‘beat the traffic’ maybe you should think about finding scooters for sale on Junk Mail.

find a scooter for sale

Nothing spells convenience more than a scooter. With this easy to drive vehicle you can easily zip through traffic jams and get to your destination quicker. Since a scooter is a lot smaller than even the smallest motor-vehicle and has a smaller engine because of this a scooter is for the most part more fuel efficient than most vehicles. You can therefore expect to pay far less in fuel if you opt to drive a scooter.

Additionally, maintenance costs will also be substantially lower and buying new parts and taking your scooter for maintenance will not cost you as much as car maintenance costs. This means that by opting to drive a scooter you will generally be left with more disposable income to save or spend on more interesting things in your life.

If this has convinced you to buy a scooter you will soon realise that there are many scooter brands to choose from in South Africa. There are however a few brands that stand out as reliable brands that have a long track record of delivering top quality scooters. A few notable brands and models you can start looking at include everything from Sym and Jonway scooters, to Vespa and Big Boy scooters.


To help you get started on the different brands and models available, we have highlighted some top scooters for sale in South Africa.

Choosing a Jonway scooter

When you talk about a Jonway scooter, one scooter that comes to mind is the Jonway Galactica 150CC. Its engine displacement makes this a scooter that can be legally driven on the highway. The Galactic boasts of a maximum speed of 95km/h, a cruising speed of between 65- 80km/h and 2.8 liters/100km fuel consumption.

This makes this a perfect scooter for inner-city travel. If you have never driven a scooter or a motorbike before, you will not have to worry about the learning curve of learning how to drive a Galactica. This scooter comes with automatic transmission making it a simple start-and-go type scooter.

galactica jonway scooter

Image Source: Jonway South Africa Website.

It is also worth mentioning that the Galactica’ starting system has both an electric and a kick start. It is always great to have a kick-start option because sometimes if you do not drive your scooter for a long-time or you leave your scooter exposed to cold or rainy weather you might get slight problems with the electric start system.

If you are looking for a 125CC option the Galatica Jonway scooter range also provides a 125 CC model. While the engine displacement is smaller, the 125cc model performs similarly to the 150cc model. With this model you can expect a maximum speed of 90km/h and a cruising space of between 65-80km/h.

Jonway Galactica 150ccJonway Galactica 125cc
Top Speed90km/h90km/h
StartingElectric and Kick-StartElectric and Kick-Start
Fuel Consumption2.8l/100km2.8l/100km
Tank Capacity5.5 litres5.5 litres

In general, the Galactica model is priced at around R 13 000, but you can also find great deals on used Jonway scooters for sale on Junk Mail.

Opting for Big Boy Scooters

Big Boy Scooters offers the Swift range for both 125cc and 150cc options. Much like the Jonway Galactica the Swift is a start and go automatic transmission with a kick-start and electric starting system. In terms of power performance both 125cc and 150cc models have a maximum speed of 90km/h and cruising speeds of between 60 – 80km/h.

Big Boy Swift 150ccBig Boy Swift 125cc
Engine Type4-stroke, air-cooled GY74-stroke, air-cooled GY7
Top Speed90km/h90km/h
StartingElectric and Kick-StartElectric and Kick-Start
Fuel Consumption2.68l/100km2.48l/100km
Tank Capacity5.4 litres5.4 litres

Big Boy scooters prices tend to be slightly higher than the prices seen with Jonway scooter models, but you can find reasonably priced Big Boy scooters for sale on Junk Mail. So start browsing for your bargain today!

Going for a Sym Scooter

If you are thinking of going for a Sym scooter, you can rest assured that it is a well know brand. Two of their models that are particularly worth noting are the Sym Fiddle II 125cc and 150cc models.

fiddle ii sym scooter

Image Source: Sym South Africa Website.

The Fiddle is hard not to notice because of its beautifully designed exterior. This Sym scooter has a retro-design that is reminiscent of older scooters, whilst retaining an air of modernity with features such as anti-theft system and an electric seat opener.

This is certainly a scooter for the ones whose purchasing decisions are motivated by aesthetics.

Sym Fiddle II 150ccSym Fiddle II 125cc
Engine Type4-stroke,2V,forced, air cooled4-stroke,2V,forced, air cooled
Maximum Speed100km/h94km/h
Fuel Capacity5.20 litres5 litres
The Italian Vespa Scooter

The Italian brand Vespa is undoubtedly one of the best known scooter brands in the world. A Vespa Scooter is generally a very reliable scooter. These scooters are known for their superior capability, build and design. As a result of the brand’s credibility, these scooters for sale tend to come with a high price tag.

vespa scooter

Image Source: Vespa South Africa Website.

If you are looking to buy a Vespa scooter, two models that are definitely worth looking into are the Vespa Primavera 125 cc and the Vespa Primavera 150 cc models. These models come built with the latest 3-valve engine and the sophistication and style that has become synonymous with Vespa.

Vespa Primavera 150ccVespa Primavera 125cc
Top Speed98km/h91km/h
Fuel Consumption42km/l42km/l
Fuel Tank Capacity8 litres8 litres
TransmissionAutomatic, twist and goAutomatic, twist and go

Vespa scooters can be quite expensive but you can find a used Vespa for sale on Junk Mail, so start your scooter hunt today.

Convinced that a scooter is the answer to your traffic woes? Find affordable, used scooters for sale on Junk Mail. Upgrading your wheels? Make a couple of extra bucks by selling your old set on Junk Mail. Create your FREE Junk Mail Ad today!

Get around city streets with scooters for sale
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Get around city streets with scooters for sale
To help you get started on the different brands and models available, we have highlighted some top scooters for sale in South Africa.
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