Get Better Ad Response by creating your own Ad Title today

Our Junk Mail Free Ad form just got better! Now you can create your own Ad Title to get more buyers to view your Free Adverts. The more views you get on your adverts the better the chances are for you to sell your stuff.

Previously Junk Mail automatically created an Ad title for your ad from the first 6 words of your ad’s text. Today that all changes because you are now in command of your Ad Title!

These automatically generated Ad titles often told a different story to what the trader was actually trying to say and sell. Take the seller below for example. They are trying to sell second hand baby clothes not a second hand baby.

The seller in this case will benefit from our new Ad title feature because now she can tell buyers that she is selling second hand baby clothes and toys. Buyers that are looking for second hand baby clothes will be able to find this advert much easier using the Junk Mail search bar. This not only gives the seller a much better chance of selling her second hand baby clothes but also helps the buyer to find those wanted items faster!

Second Hand Baby

Sellers will now have the power to make catchy Ad titles to get buyers and swoppers interested in what they have to rent, sell and trade. Remember to create Ad titles that are more likely to attract buyers to your goods, that way you will get more responses on your Free Junk Mail ads.

Please Note: Ad Titles are now required when placing a free advert on Junk Mail. Make sure that you choose the most accurate description for your advert.

Here are some Ad title tips that you can use when placing your next Free Junk Mail Ad:

(1)  Remember to use the important keywords buyers tend to use when searching the Junk Mail site

When a buyer is looking on the Junk Mail site for a specific item you need to know that your advert comes out tops. The best way to do this is by looking at the adverts placed in the category you are going to place your ad in. If you want to sell your gym equipment for example it is a good idea to see what other sellers Ad titles say and what you can do to make sure your advert attracts more views.

(2)  Grab the buyers attention in your Ad title

There are many ways for you to do this but the simplest way to grab attention is by being colourful with your words. If you are selling a puppy then make sure you tell the buyer how many puppies you have for sale, what breed they are, how much you want and also specify the colour of the puppies. A good Ad title will read: 5 Golden Maltese Poodle Puppies at R500 each.

(3)  Always remember to highlight the location in your Ad to target your audience

If you are renting out a 4 bedroom apartment in Hatfield with a pool that is near the university, then you need to focus on the selling points of your property in the Ad title. A good Ad title for this ad would be: 4 bedroom varsity flat in Hatfield.

Now that you know how to create better Ad titles for the stuff you have to sell. Go and place your free ads now and make catchy Ad titles to get an even better response from your Junk Mail adverts.

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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4 Responses

  1. Stan Fisher says:

    I really like this change,and it makes more sense

  2. Afzel Adam says:

    Great Improvement !!!!
    An effective intervention that makes using your services a pleasure.

  3. Ronel Jackson says:

    This is the most informative and professional FREE online training I ever came across. Thank you for all the efforts and dedication and hard word. To all you lovely people at Junk Mail.
    I am so exited to part of this new global way of doing things like advertising and selling on line.

    Ronel Jackson

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