Get your braai on for Heritage Day!

Millions of South Africans from small townships to big cities, are firing up to unite around a fire for National Braai Day (Heritage Day), 24th September, which is celebrated annually in commemoration of Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


Previously this day was dedicated to celebrate and commemorate the Zulu King Shaka. Today it is to commemorate all those freedom fighters that fought for us and the equality and diversity in South Africa. It focuses on bringing all South Africans together to celebrate and partake in fun activities irrespective of their demographic groups, religious denominations and body types.

Let us help you celebrate this is style with these awesome braai tips:

  • Braai Equipment

Having the right braai equipment is crucial when having a braai. You would need the correct tongs, forks and other braai utensils. With the correct equipment, your braai will be much simpler.

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  • The Wood or Charcoal

Make sure you stock up on good, dry wood and firelighters. If you want to use charcoal then get yourself a bag of good charcoal that does not burn out fast. You can light up your fire with firelighters, but never use petrol. Getting the wood or charcoal at the right temperature is crucial for a South African braai master. Rule of thumb for beginners: Once your wood has turned into glowing orange and red coals, and if you can hold your hand over the coals for about 2-3 seconds, you can start the braai.

  • The Meat

South Africans prefer to braai a variation of meats. The meat is entirely up to you and the guests that are joining you for the braai. So whether you choose to braai chicken, sosaties, chops, wors, snoek, beef, steak, as long as it’s fresh from your butcher it will do the job.

If you like your meat bursting with flavour, then it’s best to marinade it the night before and let the meat rest in the marinade. Or you could sprinkle on your salts and marinade while the meat is on the grill.

  • Spices and Sauces

If you are braai’ing chicken, then braai salt is a must among many South African’s. You can add different flavours of the braai salt onto your chicken. For the steaks and chops the spices and sauces depends entirely up to you, but there are a few legendary braai sauces.

  • Braai’ing the Meat

It’s always good to begin with the meats that take the longest to braai, so if you are braai’ing chicken, it’s best you start with that. You can then add on the other meats you have to braai on the grill. The wors or sausages must be braai’ed last as it cooks the fastest.

You can keep adding the braai salt on your chicken or basting your sauce on the steak or chops as it is on the braai grill. If you are braai’ing any fish, its best you make a foil jacket for it.


  • The Other things

Most South Africans prepare a lot of side dishes such as Pap, salads, rolls etc. Chisa Nyama, potjie kos and other local dishes are popular among South Africans.

So with a cold drink in the hand, and great company, this would be a perfect South African braai.

Wishing everyone a fun-filled Heritage and National Braai Day. Get your Braai on!

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