Get your hands on the rare Yellowwood Furniture

The Podocarpus Latifolius or the great Yellowwood tree, is one of South Africa’s most treasured timber trees. This tree is very large but also very slow in growing. Most furniture that is made from this tree is admired by furniture makers for its colour and durability.


The Yellowwood tree was used by the Cape Dutch settlers in the 1600 for beams, flooring and even dining room furniture. Today you can find the Yellowwood tree growing up to 200 feet in the Southern or Eastern parts of South Africa.


In moist areas, the tree grows really fast, while in harsh exposed areas it tends to become undersized and small. With the continuous weather changes, the Yellowwood tree has become almost extinct.


If you have a taste for rare furniture, the Yellowwood produces the rarest furniture. However, that is not the only reason, this tree is South Africa’s treasure so it will be all about reserving what is manufactured in South Africa.

This tree is also known in other names in South Africa.

In Afrikaans, it is known as Opregte-geelhout literally translation meaning ‘genuine Yellow wood’, in Northern Sotho Mogôbagôba, in Xhosa Umcheya, and then in Zulu it is Umkhoba. This tree is completely South African.


The Podocarpus Latifolius trees grow at different times of the year, and depending on the time, they are either male or female trees. Male trees grow between the months July to September and the female ones grow between the months December to February.

Yellowwood trees can be used to make any form of furniture, from chairs, tables, bed stands or even cabinets.


How to take care of your Yellowwood furniture?

As you know by now, Yellowwood furniture is hard and dense, so depending on how you take care of it, this type of furniture can give you years of enjoyment.

Just make use of soapy water (preferably a mild detergent), a soft bristle brush and an oil based stain. Carefully, wash through every corner and part of the furniture, including underneath. Once washed ensure you used the oil based stain to get every part of the wood clearly covered.

Here is a video to help you learn how to oil stain your furniture:

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