Get your voice heard with Junk Mail (facets)

Since the launch of the new Junk Mail website, or rather just a new and improved website, there have been some complains from you as users.  Now, see this as the perfect opportunity to get your voice (emails/calls/tweets/feedback/facebook) heard!

If you are a loyal and trusted Junk Mail user, you would have noticed that the interface has undergone some drastic changes.  I know you are probably used to the old way of browsing where you clicked on the motoring section and you see all the different categories within. This is still there;  it has just move on to your left hand side.

From all the feedback that we have received, Anton pointed out that according to him, the facets bar as “way too small” for comfortable use.  There were numerous users stating the same issue, so this became a concern for us.

In true customer care fashion, we took note of all the feedback that we have received and forwarded it to our development team…

Within two shakes of a sheep’s tail we had the problem sorted out.  That is just how we roll.

A quick word on faceted browsing:
–  Google makes use of facets. So this whole concept won’t be so new.
–  It helps you to quickly navigate to a new category (you don’t have to press back the whole time).
–  Wikipedia users will also be familiar with facets.
–  Play around with it;  you will soon get the ins and outs of it!

There are some additional changes that we made to improve your buying and selling experience with us. For instance filtering out adverts that do not have photos in them. We all want to see a product before buying it.  Just above that, you can see the different kind of products for sale, wanted, for rent, to swop, and our give aways.

Another change in the facet bar is the “search by price” option.  Here you can filter adverts between a certain price range.

Be on the lookout for more posts concerning your feedback and also some more improvements on the site.

Feel free to leave your comments here and provide us with some constructive feedback.


Heinrich van den Worm

Head of Social and Media Strategist @AVATAR_ZA | Went barefoot for a year for charity | Not a guru | Compadre

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