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Father’s Day is around the corner and we at Junk Mail would like to share our Father’s Day gift ideas.

Firstly, what is Father’s Day all about?

It’s the one day where we say thank you to our Fathers and honour them in their celebration of fatherhood, paternal bonds, and their general influence on our lives. So what other way then to celebrate this day with your hero and provide him with a gift saying thank you everything he has and is still doing for you.

Out of experience a personalized gift has way more effectiveness than going out and getting something really expensive. Junk Mail wants to offer you the chance to make your dad a personalized (cheap) gift.

Be sure to have a look out our Pinterest Board for more options. Here are only a few to get things started.

Shaving Package: Lately more and more people are moving back to the traditional way of shaving, and every man likes a good clean shave. I am quite keen on this idea. Get your dad, granddad together and stick them for a nice cut throat shave. I’m even tempted to visit a barber and get a nice shave with my old man.


Favourite sayings cup: This is also a pretty nice idea and will be easy to make if you know of a printing company around you. Get plain cups and provide them with some of your dad’s all-time best sayings.


Tool Pens
Tool pens gift: I enjoyed this one a lot. It reminds me of when my dad forgets to fix things and my mom is always writing it down. With this gift, the pens are the tools- what a great reminder without sticky notes!



Rubiks Cube
Rubiks cube pen holder: Last but not least, find a rubiks cube take the top part off and you have a nice pen holder for dad’s desk. You can even go as far as replacing the colours with family photos giving it even more of a personalized feel.

These are just a couple of our favourite ideas. I’m sure once you get started the creative ideas will flow. Please feel free to share these ideas with us by leaving a comment.

Images provided came from sites like and Be sure to have a look there for further ideas. Also remember that you can browse Junk Mail for materials to make your gifts.

Have a happy Father’s Day.

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