Go fast, go slow, go anywhere with a Segway

From playing sports to exploring Segway tours, there are plenty of things you can do with these electric vehicles. Fun and something definitely worth exploring, finding a Segway for sale is sure to give you hours of fun. Whether you want to go on an off-road adventure or explore your city, Segways are great fun.

What is a Segway?

Readers who are new to the concept of a Segway may be wondering what exactly this term means. A Segway is an electric vehicle which has two wheels as well as similarities to a scooter, and is commonly used as an easy method of transportation. You might even have seen a security guard whizz by you on one.

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Segways are self-balancing and the operator steers by leaning their body in the direction that they want to go. The handlebar can be used to go left or right as well as backwards or forwards.

Segways were designed by Dean Kamen in 2001 and these devices were manufactured for the general public in 2002. Another feature of these devices is their speed control mechanism which is a safety mechanism designed to ensure that the machine doesn’t become unbalanced.

The typical weight of a Segway is around 39 kilogrammes with a maximum speed of 20 kilometres per hour. Segways are powered by batteries which have a charging time of 8 to 10 hours. A fully charged battery typically offers approximately 25 to 40 kilometres of travel distance.

What can you use a Segway for?

Segways have a wide range of uses which have contributed to the popularity of these electric vehicles. If you are wondering what to use your Segway for, here are some ideas to get you started.

A Segway offers an easy way to get around your city. They are an economical transport option as they are cheaper to purchase and run than cars.

Segways can also be used to increase the efficiency of operations in warehouses as they are a quick and easy way for workers to get around industrial sites. Segways are also a great option for avid golfers.

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Segway tours are an exciting way to explore local and international destinations. The police in some countries also use these electric vehicles. These devices are also used in international film productions. You can even use Segways to play Polo.

Similar to the sport of Polo which involves horses, players ride Segways during this version of the game and an international competition takes place every year. Thrill seekers can use Segways for off-road sports and pizza deliveries have even been carried out using these electric vehicles.

With so many reasons to find a Segway for sale it is easy to see why these electric vehicles are so popular. Segways are known to be an environmentally friendly method of transportation.

Awesome Segway Tours in South Africa

Segway tours are an exciting way to explore a new destination. Before you choose a Segway tour you will need to decide what kind of destination you want to explore. Do you want to discover a new city? Do you want to go on an adventure and enjoy the fresh countryside air? Here are tours to get you started.

fun segway tours

You can go on a one hour Segway Tour at Spier Farm for R 275. Spier Farm is situated in the Stellenbosch winelands only 30 minutes from Cape Town. Highlights of this tour are the views of the vineyards as well as the Stellenbosch Mountain Range and the internationally renowned Table Mountain. You can even learn more about Spier Farm’s Biodynamic farming on this tour.

The Sunset Segway tour has a duration of two hours and it is priced at R600. On this tour you can see Spier Farm’s stunning vineyards and enjoy a magnificent sunset in a peaceful setting.

You could also head to the Wilderness to enjoy Segway tours in a section of the Garden route National Park. Highlights of this tour are the Touws River and Wetlands. This tour is an hour long and it is priced at R 300.

Other great Segway tours include the Tsitsikama Segway Tour, the Acrobranch Centurion Segway Tour and even a tour at the Moses Mabhida Stadium. There are tons of fun tours out there, so get discovering…

Not quite ready yet for a Segway? Check out our ‘Hoverboards: A self-balancing scooter offering a fascinating and exhilarating ride’ post on the Junk Mail Blog.

What are popular Segway models for sale?

If you are looking for an awesome Segway for sale, remember to do your research and check out all the specifications. These two popular models will help get you started:

Segway i2 SE

The Segway i2 SE doesn’t require any maintenance and a stunning benefit is that, with its sleek frame, it is also silent. This model has a weight of 47.7 kilograms, maximum speed of 20 kilometres per hour and a range of 38 kilometres. The Segway i2 SE can be used inside or outside and its modern design and versatile performance contribute to an enjoyable ride.

Segway X2 SE

A benefit the X2 SE Segway is that it has off-road capabilities. Thanks to its deep tread and all-terrain tires this model gives you the freedom to explore. Its higher ground clearance also contributes to its impressive off-road capabilities. Another advantage of this model is that it doesn’t require any maintenance. The large handles make it easy to lift into your vehicle if you are heading out on an off-road adventure. This model has a weight of 54.7 kilogrammes, maximum speed of 20 kilometres per hour and range of 19 kilometres.

x2 se segway

Image Source: Imperial Green Mobility South Africa Website.

Segway Price

You will find that the Segway price is a little high, with some models carrying a price tag of around R 60 000. Some second-hand prices start at just over R 44 000 while some brands have a more affordable price starting at around R 15 000.

If you are still new to this hobby and don’t want to spend too much money right from the start, check out Segway tours to see if this is for you. If you like it, browse through the Segways listed on Junk Mail to find a great deal on a used Segway.

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Go fast, go slow, go anywhere with a Segway
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Go fast, go slow, go anywhere with a Segway
From playing sports to exploring Segway tours, there are plenty of things you can do with these electric vehicles.
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