Go on an Adventure with a Conqueror Commander

For the ultimate outdoor experience, get off the beaten track with the help of a Conqueror Commander. With so many scenic spots in South Africa to explore, you can head into the bush knowing that you can trust your equipment. These durable trailers will give you the confidence to go wherever your heart desires. Find a Conqueror trailer for sale and start a new adventure!


With its roots in military equipment, Mega Manufacturers has experience in designing hardy equipment that can get the job done. Since working in a military environment, Mega Manufacturers, has expanded their business to cater to the off-road camping market. With its innovative and unique designs, the company is an industry leader in Africa. Africa’s rugged terrain creates a need for trailers that can cope with harsh conditions. Mega Manufacturers strives to meet the needs of the market and go beyond the expectations of their clients.


The Conqueror Commander is a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a trailer with 4 x 4 capabilities. This trailer has a wide range of features. There is also the option of buying a model with a grocery compartment. The trailer’s coil springs suspension has heavy duty shock absorbers with trailing arms. The suspension can be adjusted for on or off road travelling. The Commander has an Auto Reverse 2000 kg coupler with a run in breaking system. The body is designed to offer maximum strength at a minimum weight. The parts are galvanized as well as epoxy coated for extra protection. The trailer’s design does not include degradable materials which increases this model’s durability. The Conqueror Commander provides space for three to four people to sleep, depending if you are using double or single beds. Aluminium furniture is used and there is ample storage space. Slide out units provide a kitchen and a bathroom.

If you are looking for luxury and durability, find a Conqueror trailer for sale. There is a variety of new and previously owned trailers available.

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