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With a GoPro it is simple to record the world around you and share it with your friends. From surfing to filming news in your community, there are plenty of uses for these awesome cameras. The Go Pro camera has excellent capabilities and diverse applications which contribute to its popularity. You can sell your equipment or find a GoPro for sale on Junk Mail. Take a look at an overview of some of the GoPro cameras for sale in South Africa.


GoPro Hero 4 Silver

The GoPro Hero4 Silver delivers a clear and high resolution visual recording. A highlight of this camera is its built-in touch display. Its superior quality recordings put it miles ahead of previous models. When it comes to finding a camera for sale, it is no surprise that this model is a popular option. Another note-worthy feature of the Hero 4 Silver is its HiLight Tag. This innovative feature allows you to tag your favourite clips so that they are easily accessible during the editing process. The best use of this camera is for hiking and it has rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It is OS compatible and accepts data cards. The Hero 4 Silver has a 12 MP camera with 15fps at 4K resolution. The price of the Hero 4 Silver is R6,299.


GoPro Hero4 Session

The Hero4 Session has a small and light frame which makes it easy to keep it with you to take advantage of any great filming opportunities. This model is waterproof up to 10 m and has a variety of mounting options. The excellent mounting as well as the wide angle field of view gives you the freedom to include more visuals in a single shot. The Hero4 Session has a one button control, SuperView and Auto Low Light. The video quality is 1440p30, 1080p60 and 720p120fps. It has a 8MP camera, time lapse and low-profile frame. The best use for the Hero4 Session is action-sport. This model costs R 6,499.

hero 4-session-gopro

GoPro Hero4 Black Edition

The GoPro Hero4 Black Edition takes capturing action shots to the next level. While it has a wide range of applications, it is best suited to filming trail running. The camera offers you better image quality as well as a better processor. The Hero4 Black offers you great connectivity with both Bluetooth and Wifi. The GoPro app along with the smart remote makes it easy to share your films or watch other people’s images. This device is waterproof with an IPX water resistance of 7. It offers OS compatibility as well as a still mode and movie mode. It has a 12 MP camera and 30fps @ 4K resolution. The price of this model is R 7,999.


GoPro Hero and LCD

The GoPro Hero and LCD enhances your films by allowing you to preview images before you capture them. It offers a 1080p60/ 720p60 fps video as well as a 8MP camera. It is also simple to view and share your content. A highlight of this model is that it is waterproof up to 40m. Other note-worthy features include QuikCapture and HiLight tag. The price of these cameras for sale is R 4,499.


GoPro Accessories

There are many fun and useful accessories that you can get for your Go Pro camera. The GoPro Chesty is fully adjustable and it offers you a personal perspective of your experiences. The Chesty is great for skiing as well as motorcross. The GoPro Helmet Front Mount is another useful accessory. The GoPro Surf Hero Mounting Kit and Sportsman Mount are two other great accessories to own.

You can find a GoPro for sale on Junk Mail. Take a look at some of the options which are available.

Shop GoPro Here 4 Black Edition

This device has a wide angle lens and it is waterproof up to 131’. It has excellent connectivity which includes WiFi and Bluetooth. It offers video as well as 12MP photos at 30fps.


GoPro Hero4

A GoPro Hero4 is available for R 3500 on Junk Mail. It offers better processing and comes with a 32 GB SD card. It has 2.7K recording with a maximum of 120fps.


Genuine GoPro Hero4 Silver

A Hero4 Silver is available for sale in Gauteng. It is priced at R 3,500 and has a silvery white exterior.


The dynamic design of these cameras for sale makes it both fun and easy-to-use. The model that you decide to buy will depend on what visuals you plan to record. When it comes to finding a GoPro for sale, there are a variety of models available on Junk Mail. Thinking of selling your Go Pro camera? Place your free ad on Junk Mail now!

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