Great investment returns on Collectable Coins

Collecting coins is a hobby that is fast becoming prevalent and trendy. In the past, the collector (a term used for people who collect antiques) bought and collected coins for their own personal pleasures.

However, today it seems the art of collecting antiques has grown from being a hobby to an enjoyable experience where you can reap financial benefits in the future.

As everyone gets excited over new Hi-tech inventions that are changing our lives, it is the rarity of old items that make them better. Modern technology is made to last for 3-5 years at most, while collectibles like jewellery, gemstone, gold, and even coins continue to outlive some of the most modern Hi-tech gadgets.

Why should you invest in collectable coins?

Coins are recognized as one of the best investments. South Africa has some of the rarest coins in the investment market.

Some of these coins include:

The Single 9 Gold coin, it designed by Otto Schultz. Most coin collectors have considered this coin as ‘the King of South African coins’.


The story behind The Single 9 Gold coin is the reflection of the Anglo-Boer war that took place in 1899. The Single 9 Gold coins were created from 1898 coins, however, the difference with these coins was that they had the number 9 punched on the observe side of the 1898 coins. Only 130 of this batch were made.

What makes the Single 9 Gold coin the rarest in South Africa, is the history behind it as well as the fact that the coin was minted from pure gold. In 2010, the coin was sold for about $4 million.

The second rarest coin in South Africa is the 1928 proof ¼ penny. According to records, this coin is even rarer than the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel from the United States. There were only 4 pieces of this coin created, which probably makes it the rarest coin in SA.


Other coins include:

Double 99


½ Pond – Single Shaft


¼ oz Kruger Rand


2½ Shilling (Half Crown)

2½-Shilling(Half Crown)-Coin

The number of coin collectors is quickly growing, and the reason is that people have realised the investment value of collectable items. It is a hobby that could slowly be becoming a business adventure.

Coins are the best collectable items you could have, especially since most of them are made with the purest elements, such as gold. And unlike other items, they last for years and years, and their value only continues to grow – that is why they are considered rare.

For details on what you can get for your rare coins, you can visit the South African Rare coins website and start making some money.

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