Guinness World Records Day

12 November 2009 is the 5th annual Guinness World Records Day. Guinness  World Records in along with record breakers from around the will celebrating the day that the  Guinness World Records Book became the best-selling copyrighted book of all time.

The 2010 Edition of the book has recently been launched and is packed with amazing new record as well as old favourites. The 2010 edition also features “Top 100 Records of the Decade”

South Africans hold a surprising number of world records. For example:

  • Collect-a-Can, PanMacmillan and MySchool — Most steel cans collected for recycling in one month.
  • Heinrich du Preez — Holds 8 Golf relate records (eg playing golf on six continents over five days)
  • Protex — Largest number of people washing their hands simultaneously (1,802 people)

On World Records Day South Africans will be attempting to break and set-up even more records. Some of the record attempts taking place this year will include two Du Preez’s latest golfing stunts. This year he’ll try to hit the highest amount of golf balls in 2 minutes and then also in 5 minutes. These records will be attempted at Brazen Head in Montana, Pretoria on the 24th November.

For more information read: The Logogog Press Release.

So Junk Mail fans, are there any records you will be trying to break?

You can also visit the Guinness World Records website.

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