Handmade is fashionable again!

There was a time when people women mostly stayed home, raised children, made their own jams and clothes. It was a peaceful time where store-bought was a luxury. Handmade items were everywhere!

Nowadays, we do not have time to make everything ourselves. Life is simply too busy. Both parents work in most households and to be able to have quality time together, everything is store bought. Then the recession hit and people had to become very creative to put food on the table. People started making items again, from scratch and by hand. It started a new (or old reinvented) trend where, even though it was bought, people started placing high value on handmade items! The internet is abuzz with these items for sale. People would much rather buy something from someone they know, or they know know someone who supports local, handmade products.

This is also very noticeable on Junk Mail, where handmade, craft items are advertised at a wonderfully fast rate, and sold just as quick!
So, if you make things and would like to make a living from it, place a Free ad on Junk Mail! Read more about our thoughts on this topic here.

Saskia Meintjes

Hyperactive, extremely realistic and addicted to reading can best describe me. Life is all about the good memories and sitting around will not create them.

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