Happy 12th Birthday Google!

Today the world’s most used Internet search engine, Google, turns 12 years old. Google was previously unclear about the exact date, sometimes celebrating their birthday on the 7th of September. It has been solidified by the logo on the Google webpage today though.

Here are some interesting facts about Google:

  • The Google.com domain was registered on September 15, 1997.
  • Google began in January 1996 as a research project by Page and Brin while they were attending Stanford University.
  • Google was founded in September 1998 in Menlo Park, California in the United States by Sergey M. Brin and Lawrence E. Page.
  • Google’s index of web pages is the largest in the world, comprising of billions of web pages.
  • Google searches this immense collection of web pages often in less than half a second.
  • Google became popular by way of word of mouth. To date no television or radio advert campaigns have been run to promote the company.
  • Today Google has a world-class staff of more than 2600 employees (known as Googlers).
  • The company headquarters is called the Googleplex and is located in Mountain View, California.
  • Users can restrict their Google searches for content in 35 non-English languages, including Chinese, Greek, Icelandic, Hebrew, Hungarian, Estonian and Afrikaans.
  • The Google search engine receives about 1 billion search requests per day.
  • The name ‘Google’ was an accident. A spelling mistake made by the original founders who thought they were going for ‘Googol’.

Google has become such an integrated part of the Internet and the world today. The term “Google It” has been thrown around in conversations all around the world in the last few years.

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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